November 2014

Alissa Jones & Heidi Condon, Designers at HC Design in Scituate

Some people make the world a more beautiful place…literally.  Alissa Jones and Heidi Condon of HC Design in Scituate are two of them.  These ladies create extraordinary architectural designs for new homes, renovations, and additions across Hingham and the South Shore.  Their designs are warmly classic yet sophisticated, with details that delight.  But ultimately, good design is about how it works.  Heidi and Alissa take your own ideas to levels you never would have dreamed of.  #wowfactor.  You can see some of their projects on Houzz.

Years ago Heidi and Alissa designed our home addition and renovation and have been our good friends ever since.  They are so talented and great fun.  I turn to them for advice on all things architecture so it didn’t take more than a minute for me to drop the CAD file in Alissa’s lap and say, have at it.   Alissa immediately became Cycle Town’s in-house designer and planned the initial layout of the studio and the majority of the finishes.  She has beautiful taste and is a natural at making all the design components come together.  Alissa graduated from RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and has particular skills in furniture making.  This girl knows wood and inspired our handsome reclaimed wood reception desk.  Here’s a pic of it in progress.  #love.

Cycle town reception desk

I am so grateful for Alissa and Heidi’s hard work and support.  Cycle Town’s studio would not look as beautiful and sharp as it does without them.  It takes a village.  Check out my marvelous designers at HC Design.

HC Design

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Darleen Lannon, Realtor at Coldwell Banker in Hingham

Darleen is by far the most optimistic person I have met with a can-do attitude like no other.  Best of all, no matter what the task, Darleen Gets.The.Job.Done.  She is no nonsense and she Makes.It.Happen.  It is no wonder she is such a successful realtor in Hingham.  So when I finally confided in Darleen about my studio vision she just said “Oh yes that will work.  I will find a space.”  Within TWENTY FOUR HOURS (24!) Darleen had found the space that is now Cycle Town.  Enough said.

Actually that’s not enough.  I need to gush a little more.  Darleen is a true partner.  She listens, contributes, and pushes your thinking.  We talk strategy, opportunities, and marketing.  We have fun analyzing successful businesses.  We laugh and drink wine.  I have turned her into an addicted spinner.  Darleen is my across the street neighbor and I am so grateful.  Cycle Town would not be the reality it is today without her.  It takes a village.  Check out my outstanding realtor, Darleen Lannon.

I am dedicating Cycle Town’s first hash tag to Darleen.  #MakeItHappenCycleTown.

Darleen Lannon

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