January 2015

Best In The OC

This weekend we got some exciting news!  Shelley, the founder of the Rhythm Ride® method, called to say her studio was just selected as a top spin studio in Orange County by OC Inroom Magazine.   Check.It.Out.

OC magazine2

We are very proud of Shelley out in Laguna and the recognition Rhythm Ride is getting.  We know how effective and fun it is to ride to the beat.  There’s been a lot of love for Rhythm Ride and we’re thrilled to grow it right here in Hingham Square.  Ride on, Cycle Town.

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Our First Week

What a week it’s been!  We opened our doors and the enthusiasm for our ride has been fantastic.  We are having so much fun meeting all of you, showing you our new space, and sharing our ride.

The part of our launch that has us most excited is how well you are grabbing that beat.  We love to look around and see the rhythm carry the room.  Each class we start out with a steady beat to get you aligned with the rhythm.  Then we see you hearing it and riding it.  Your ride and fitness are going to a whole new level, pedal stroke after pedal stroke.

The second most beautiful sight is your sweat.  I don’t mean to be gross, but it’s our goal to give you a great workout.  The evidence speaks for itself.  We know our rhythm ride is challenging you physically and putting you in a great place mentally.

The final thing that makes us cheer are the smiles on your faces.  Endorphins are kicking in about 3 minutes after you get off the bike, catch your breath and chug some water.  The volume level of the chatter in the lobby is high and then big smiles start to turn up.

Lastly, a BIG call out to our awesome crew.  Amanda!Amy!Anne!Erin!Kelly!Meg!Suzanne!Toni!  #loveyouguys.  We are getting our mojo.  These ladies are so talented and so much fun.  We support and inspire each other and it shows.  They make me laugh so hard I’ve even cried.  Together with you, we are a community of riders out for self-betterment and physical well-being.

All of this is a beautiful sight.  I’ve been chatting with Shelley a lot this week, our master trainer in Laguna.  She laughs at my stories of how well everyone is riding and keeps saying “of course, the ride just makes sense.”  It sure does.  We did it, Cycle Town is open!!  Expanded schedule is now live.

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