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Instructor New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time of year when millions of Americans swear oaths to the fitness gods.  It’s no different for you, Cycle Town, and it shows. This has been an amazing, high-energy week.  Keep up the good work!

Here’s what the instructors would like to achieve, get better at, and do more of in 2016.

Amanda – First, read more. Before my daughter, I would read at least 2 books per month. I cherished that quiet time and I swear it made me a calmer person. Second, fewer trips to Lulu and more money into our “dream home” savings account. Lastly, have more patience –breathe, slow down, count to 10!

Anne – Get back in the saddle ASAP! Also, I’m going to have a lot going on with the baby, teaching spin, and going back to work…my resolution is to be better about asking for/accepting help when I need it so I don’t wear myself ragged.

Erin – Dust off The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, and then actually READ it.  Its been sitting on my shelf way too long.  I vow to be more organized in 2016! Also, be more present in my life and spend more quality time with my best friend (aka husband!!!).  Lastly, do more yoga!

Karen – Spend more time talking with people than texting. Organize my life (HA, my annual New Year’s resolution!)

Kristen – Read more books by not falling asleep after 3 pages. Cook more dinners with my slow cooker (excellent recipes welcomed). More yoga and maybe try that wacky headstand frog thing.  Lastly,  pick up a new TV series for the winter now that Homeland is over.

Natalie – As we enter the new year, I choose a word on which to focus. This year, the word is “Care”. That will translate in 3 ways.  First, be present for my loved ones and cook healthy dinners for my family. Next, take care of myself by drinking more water, less coffee, and fitting something new into my fitness regimen.  Lastly, take care of my surroundings and stay organized and clear-headed. The possibilities for positive, mindful change this new year are endless when I consider this word. That is why I welcome 2016 with a smile and heartfelt optimism!

Toni – Complete the nonfiction book I’ve been writing since 2013. Go to bed before midnight. Drink more. Water.

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Instructor Favorites: Pre and Post-Ride Meals For Fuel

What foods do we fuel up on before and after our rides?  Our instructors share their favs…

Amanda – Before class I usually have a banana with peanut butter. After class I usually have a coffee in my hand within 5 minutes! I follow that up with a Greek yogurt & fresh fruit mix. I also drink coconut water after class to prevent dehydration.

Anne – With a baby on the way I’m a bit weird these days, but usually before class I have a banana or a bowl of Kashi cereal and coffee (though I haven’t been able to stomach coffee in the last month and a half!) After is toast with peanut butter and <before I was pregnant> a green juice…and lots of water before, during and after!

Erin – Before I ride I have a cup of joe, a banana and water. After I ride my favorite is organic chicken sausage with peppers, onions and sweet potatoe sauté. I will usually add a handful of spinach to the pan as well for some “greens”. YUM! OR if all else fails, a little bacon & eggs does the trick!

Kristen – Before class I love scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast and avocado. After class, especially with those doubles, I chug chocolate milk. I was excited to learn how good it is for you as a recovery food. Then I skip around the corner to Bloomy Rind and Mary and I put together a 2/3 carb, 1/3 protein delicious concoction for lunch… awesome!

Natalie – Before class, regardless of the time of day, I fuel up with a chewy Kind bar (right now my favorite is the dark chocolate with sea salt!) and plenty of water. After a rooster class, I like to have plain Greek yogurt with granola and dried fruit, a smoothie, and a coffee. After a mid-morning or evening class, I like to have a melted cheddar and turkey wrap on a whole grain tortilla with guacamole or grilled chicken with white beans and grape tomatoes.

Toni – On days when I’m teaching just one class, I’ll have green tea and a banana. On double days I add in a protein bar. After class I guzzle coconut water, almonds, string cheese and dark chocolate. Then I switch to vodka.

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