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There are many ways to fight Cancer. One is with money and another is with love.

On Friday, November 3rd we will do both. We are having an FU Cancer Ride. We will also have a large board in the studio where you, our riders, can get personal and pin a note– share a story, a name, a memory, or just an FU comment to cancer. Whatever you want. We’re calling the board: FU Cancer, We’ve Got Something To Say.

This particular ride has been 15 months in the making. We are honoring the journey of one of our own team members, Kirsten Ward, as well as others who have suffered from cancer. Kirsten bravely wants to share her story. We want to raise awareness about early detection. We want to raise money for cancer research. And we want to bring our rider community together on an issue that has touched us all on some level. Ride and fundraiser details are at the bottom of this post.

In July 2016 Kirsten found a lump in her breast. She immediately went to see her doctor. Following a biopsy, she was told she had Stage 2 breast cancer. And it was fast growing. She’d had a clean mammogram just 5 months earlier. There were tears, shock and disbelief. Kirsten was given a 13 month treatment plan that included chemo, a double mastectomy, radiation and then more chemo. She would lose her hair. She would be so very sick. She would undergo surgery. But she would obliterate the cancer. Game on. FU Cancer!!

Kirsten was lucky in many ways. She has an amazing positive attitude, with a healthy touch of sarcasm built in. After trying on wigs she said, no thank you, I look like a stripper. So she went bald and proud. Kirsten sent me a picture of herself every Wednesday from her chemo chair. It got real.


She has the most wonderful, supportive family you could ever dream of. You know them because they ride all the time… shout out to her amazing husband Tom, sister Eileen, and daughters Mariah, Grace and Josie. Our team also sprang into action with a meal train every Wednesday. We take no offense that her favorite meal from us was purchased from Whole Foods :)  Ha, apparently we’re better on the bike than in the kitchen!

Lunch Date

Kirsten has something to say. In her own words…

“Kirsten, you have a cancer in your breast.” Those eight words spoken plainly, yet kindly by the nurse who was tasked to make those dreaded phone calls changed my world forever. The days that immediately followed were some of the worst I’ve ever experienced. My own terror and grief, my three daughters’ tears, and my husband’s calm fortitude in the face of trying to hold it together for all of us made up those days and nights. We quickly rallied. We gathered information and facts, we spoke to endless doctors, nurses, family members and friends who had been there; we formed a plan.

The weeks and months that followed were a blur of chemo treatments (16 in all), surgery, radiation and now, more chemo. On January 3, 2018 I will have my final chemo treatment and on February 27, 2018 I will have my last surgery to rebuild my new breasts. I AM NOW CANCER FREE!!

CANCER SUCKS, FU CANCER!!! During every week, every treatment, every invasive procedure, these words went though my head. I quickly realized I needed this mantra to keep me strong, keep me fighting. For I was fighting…for my life.

Yes, the last fifteen months have been an ordeal, a horrible time in my life that I want to forget and put behind me. And yet, they have been a wondrous gift. Yes, a gift. The love, care and support I have received from my doctors and nurses, my fabulous husband, daughters, parents (birth and in law), siblings (birth and in-law), extended family, and friends near and far have been nothing short of miraculous. People are good. I always believed it but never have I seen or felt it more than these past months. It gave me a strength I never knew I had. I was, and am, humbled, and will be eternally grateful. Eternally.


Our dear Kirsten was absent from Cycle Town for a year. But now she’s BACK and we couldn’t be more thrilled. She’s feeling good and she is cancer free. This ride is to honor her and the VERY MANY OTHERS like her. In our community we know many.  In your life you surely know many.  ALL proceeds will go to Dana Farber Cancer Center at South Shore Hospital in the Cancer Research Fund.

Here’s our ask: Come ride with us. It’s going to be really, really special. If you can’t ride, donate. And buy a pin and put a note on our FU cancer board. (It will be up later this week).  We all have friends and family who have been impacted by cancer. There are two ways to fight—with money and love. Do both with us.

Our FU Cancer Ride is Friday, November 3rd @ 6:30pm. It’s going to be heartfelt. After party to follow. Ride is free with a donation to Dana Farber. Ride registration and donation information will come out later this week, stay tuned.

The final takeaway (as it relates to breast cancer). Ladies, do regular self-exams. Like right now. It potentially saved Kirsten’s life and it can save yours. Also, keep up with your standard screenings like mammograms and doctor’s visits. Don’t ignore symptoms.

KG kirsten Pig Tails

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Introducing Melissa

Rider turned rock star is the best way to describe our newest instructor! She started quietly in the back row. It was a new Cycle Town hat and the enthusiasm she felt wearing it that got her to try the second row. Finally, Melissa came to one of Cassie’s rehearsal rides last summer and dutifully perched herself on a front row saddle to support her good friend. And there was no going back. By the time her innate sense of rhythm, commitment to our style and laser focused energy crossed our radar screens as true instructor material, Melissa already had close to 200 Cycle Town rides under her belt.

With a face made for beauty pageants and an uber bright smile, you might think someone let the sun shine into our purposely dark studio. You will totally dig her badass music choices and deliberate, in your face moves…in fact we love her knack of making you vulnerable to want more of whatever it is she’s selling on that bike!

Outside the studio, Melissa is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree at Simmons College for Family Nurse Practitioner. She anticipates graduating summer of 2018.

You can catch Melissa Monday’s at 5:30am starting June 5th; across a wide range of upcoming 6:40am pop-ups; and then Tuesdays at 8:30am & 9:40am when we move to our summer schedule. Her Community Ride is already available on the schedule for Tuesday, May 30th at 6:40am…sign up now for this FREE class to meet the latest addition to the Cycle Town team!

Welcome Melissa!

Melissa_blog post

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Rider Spotlight: Grace, Halle, and Maeve

Affectionately called our “Littles”, they are the youthful faces that warmly greet you at our front desk. Who knew high schoolers could be so driven and responsible, plus be total rock stars on the bike! Grace, Halle, and Maeve have spent nearly a year with us and we’ve gotten to watch them navigate the college application process. Pedals were turning extra fast there for a while as they anxiously waited for those acceptance letters. Now they’ve got news to share, so you too can join the celebration before they head off to school in August.


Let’s cut to the chase. You each now know where you’re headed to college. Share your news!

Grace: I’ll be heading to Boston College in the Fall in the Connell School of Nursing! I’m so excited for all the football and hockey games and can’t wait to meet new people and take advantage of all the new opportunities I have!

Halle: I’m headed to UVM this fall! I am very excited to go because not only have I wanted to go there since I was a kid but I’m a big skier and love the snow and being outside.

Maeve: I chose BC because it gives me the best of both worlds. I’ve always been wicked close with my family and have never imagined shipping out to say the West Coast for college, but I want to experience this new chapter away from home as well. With BC I am close enough that family is reachable, but far enough away that I don’t have to see them 24-7;) I also have always imagined myself going there since my dad graduated from BC, and told me all of his favorite memories there. Go eagles!!


What kinds of sports and fitness have you been involved in as you’ve grown up?

Grace: I used to be a part of the rowing team at the high school but after my sophomore year I was injured and had to stop. Ever since, spinning has been a huge part of my weekly routine and can’t imagine what I would have done without it. I also run often and just finished the NYC half-marathon in March!

Halle: Growing up, I ski raced in Southern Vermont and played club and town lacrosse. Also, my lacrosse coach is a personal trainer at CrossFit and likes to make up insane workouts for us.

Maeve: Growing up I tried many different sports. I played basketball since first grade until I stopped sophomore year, I swam competitively until eighth grade, I have played volleyball since sixth grade, and I rode horses up until seventh grade. But it wasn’t until Cycle Town that I started “working out”.


What about Cycle Town hooked you?

Grace: Cycle Town hooked me because not only can I count on getting a great workout every time I come but the people I’ve met through Cycle Town are some of the most genuine and caring.  The Cycle Town community is one I’m proud to be a part of.

Halle: I was immediately hooked at Cycle Town because of the sweat and music. Nothing feels better than walking out of there drenched in sweat.

Maeve: The thing that hooked me at Cycle Town was definitely the music. I had never experienced a fifty minutes of brutal physical activity that was FUN. The music made the time fly, and now I dread having to workout outside of spin haha.


What advice do you have for fellow high schoolers starting out riding?

Grace: My best advice would be to keep with it. I remember the first time I came I had a really hard time but every time I came back it got better and better and now spinning is one of the best parts of my day.

Halle: For any highscholler starting out, if you need to sweat it out or find some new music, this is the place for you.  The great people make it even better.

Maeve: If I were to give other high schoolers starting out any advice it would be to stick with it. I have seen incredible changes in my body since I started riding here, but you have to trust in the process. I felt awkward on the bike at first, but after a few classes I started to get the hang of it.


Favorite move on the bike?

Grace: My favorite move on the bike is the sprints

Halle: My favorite move on the bike has to be a straight climb or squats!

Maeve: My favorite move on the bike is definitely the lunges (and figure eights). I love when the whole class is hitting the beat so perfectly, and this move makes the heavy weight that much more bearable.


Favorite song(s) to ride to?

Grace: My all time favorite song to ride to is Whip it.

Halle: My favorite songs on the bike range anywhere from upbeat house and edm to a classic 70s/80s throwback.

Maeve: Recently, I’ve loved riding to Slide by Calvin Harris. Some of my favorites are Pour Some Sugar On Me, anything Britney, and the Rihanna remix of Pony.


desk girls chat

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September Strong – Our Tips To Get Back At It!

As  September kicks off and back to school approaches, you may be looking for some inspiration and motivation to tame the anxiety that comes with re-entry. We understand! We also know you want to get back to your fitness routine, so our instructors are giving tips on getting back in the saddle.  It feels good to sweat and get moving again!  Take advantage of our Fall Sale.  Buy a 10 ride package and get 2 rides free*.


Amanda – Just go for it!! One hour is only 4% of your day. We give so much of our days to other commitments–we deserve this time to let go, to find our strong and most importantly….to CRUSH BEATS!

Anne - It always feels better and gets easier after those first couple steps. Listen to your body….give yourself permission to do what feels right TODAY. And think about how great that post-workout smoothie is going to taste!

Cassie – Just have FUN – plain and simple!! Make it a fitness date with your friends or be adventurous and rock that cute/crazy top you’ve been eyeing! Who cares what you do, how much gear you add, or how fast you go, just go and rock out to the music on the saddle!

Erin – Schedule your rides as you would appointments…making exercise a priority when life gets crazy is a good way to beat the stress of back to school madness. #noexcuses

Kristen – Come as you are. Enjoy the dark and let that beat move you. Every pedal stroke is making your stronger no matter where you start. It comes back way quicker than you think it’s going to!

Natalie – September seems to be a month when we give a lot of our energy to our families, but be sure to make YOUR physical and mental health a priority by getting back in the saddle. You are worth it!

Toni – Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.


* Sale ends Sunday 9/4/16.  One per person/linked family account.  The 2 free classes will be added to your account within 24 hours of purchase.


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Introducing Cassie!

Here’s how things began for Cassie at Cycle Town: She arrived sleepy for a 5:30am rooster ride. She had never ridden to the beat. Her clips were on backwards. Yet the odds of Cassie rocking out and connecting with our ride were probably 100%.

Cassie has an extensive dance background and a love of music. She loves to be challenged and work hard. She’s a people person and craves the motivation of group fitness. A match made in heaven.

That was November. Today, Cassie’s clips are turned around. She has spiffy new white spin shoes. Her ride matches her personality, outrageously fun and motivating. She whizzed through our training program, had us cheering loudly in her rehearsal, and is eager to show you her stuff. Expect to fall in love with her the way we have!

Cassie grew up in Hingham and teaches barre, Pound, and Zumba. She’s co-owner of Funky Feet children’s dance program at the Rec Center. She just earned her Masters for Teacher of Reading.

You’ll see her subbing into classes across our schedule in August, as we work to finalize our Fall schedule in September. This week, catch her Monday @ 5:30am, Wednesday @ 8:30am and thereafter.

Welcome Cassie!




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Instructor New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the time of year when millions of Americans swear oaths to the fitness gods.  It’s no different for you, Cycle Town, and it shows. This has been an amazing, high-energy week.  Keep up the good work!

Here’s what the instructors would like to achieve, get better at, and do more of in 2016.

Amanda – First, read more. Before my daughter, I would read at least 2 books per month. I cherished that quiet time and I swear it made me a calmer person. Second, fewer trips to Lulu and more money into our “dream home” savings account. Lastly, have more patience –breathe, slow down, count to 10!

Anne – Get back in the saddle ASAP! Also, I’m going to have a lot going on with the baby, teaching spin, and going back to work…my resolution is to be better about asking for/accepting help when I need it so I don’t wear myself ragged.

Erin – Dust off The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo, and then actually READ it.  Its been sitting on my shelf way too long.  I vow to be more organized in 2016! Also, be more present in my life and spend more quality time with my best friend (aka husband!!!).  Lastly, do more yoga!

Karen – Spend more time talking with people than texting. Organize my life (HA, my annual New Year’s resolution!)

Kristen – Read more books by not falling asleep after 3 pages. Cook more dinners with my slow cooker (excellent recipes welcomed). More yoga and maybe try that wacky headstand frog thing.  Lastly,  pick up a new TV series for the winter now that Homeland is over.

Natalie – As we enter the new year, I choose a word on which to focus. This year, the word is “Care”. That will translate in 3 ways.  First, be present for my loved ones and cook healthy dinners for my family. Next, take care of myself by drinking more water, less coffee, and fitting something new into my fitness regimen.  Lastly, take care of my surroundings and stay organized and clear-headed. The possibilities for positive, mindful change this new year are endless when I consider this word. That is why I welcome 2016 with a smile and heartfelt optimism!

Toni – Complete the nonfiction book I’ve been writing since 2013. Go to bed before midnight. Drink more. Water.

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We Are One Year Old

Today is our one year anniversary! What an exciting year it’s been, launching and growing the studio. Thank you to our riders for supporting us along the way and bringing such enthusiasm, determination, and positive energy. We absolutely love you and you are the lifeblood of Cycle Town. You come to rock your ride and it is such a pleasure to see you work hard, have fun and walk away sweaty and charged with endorphins.

I have a HUGE amount of gratitude and love for our amazing instructor and desk teams as they are the backbone of Cycle Town. Our ride and vibe is all about beat riding goodness. The bike is our canvas and the instructors are the artists who bring exceptional creativity and skill to create classes that are highly effective, great fun and inspiring. We are a very supportive and ambitious team and we live our work hard, play hard mantra every day.

Most of all I am so incredibly thankful for my family. I have the pleasure of writing this Year 1 recap while on vaca with all of them and I’ve had time to think about opportunity and outcome. I go back to the sentiments that it takes a village and pay it forward. Without the support of my family Cycle Town would never have come to life and succeeded. I also have a new appreciation for small local business, community and the opportunities we have in our country. Freedom of expression is a beautiful thing and we are all very lucky.

All of us at Cycle Town are looking forward to being a part of your health and fitness in 2016. We have great things planned that will be sure to delight and I know it’s going to be another exciting year.

Lots of love and a healthy heart!



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Meet Our Desk Dream Team

Meet our desk dream team! We are here to make your day, welcome to you to our fab studio and help you take care of anything you need to get set-up and enjoy your experience with us.

Kirsten – It took Kirsten months to walk into the studio, call it fear of the unknown! Good things come to those who wait. She never turned back and embraced our vibe and positive energy whole heartedly. Now she’s a big part of it. A people person in and out, Kirsten brings out the best in everyone around her. She lives in Hingham with her husband and three beautiful daughters.

Brianna – Brianna is the kind of go-getter we love. A regular rider, a pre-med student with a focus on exercise science, and she works at Lulu. She knows our ride, knows why it’s good for our bodies, and has great clothes to boot!

Jenna – Jenna is a full-time student getting her masters in social work at Simmons College. Her super friendly and upbeat attitude are rays of sunshine in the studio. Combine that with her empathetic nature and passion to help people, her feel good vibe will make you smile.

Allie – Allie grew up in Hingham and just came home from studying abroad in Copenhagen. She was a summer regular rider and we’re thrilled to have her back for her break. She’s studying architecture at Middlebury and brings such an infectious positive energy, we can’t get enough of her!

Kristen – Kristen wanted to build an experience, not just a ride; a destination for joyful expression, not just an exercise location. She loves meeting and getting to know all riders, and welcomes your feedback to make your experience even better.

Together with our instructor team, we are Cycle Town. We are thrilled you ride with us and we’re doing everything we can to make your experience as positive as possible. See ya in the saddle!


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Introducing Karen!

We are thrilled to introduce Karen, our latest instructor to rock our stage. Karen is sweet, fun, and a warrior athlete. She has enjoyed and excelled at sports throughout her life, first as a gymnast, then to soccer, basketball and now road races.  Today she’s an integral part of her family’s dental practice in Marshfield.

Karen was part of our original support crew, riding Cycle Town rehearsal classes as a ‘favor’ to Toni before we even opened. We laugh now, because her exact words were “I don’t spin, I’m only doing this because I love and support you”. It didn’t take long for that hesitation to turn into joyful determination on the bike, and ultimately a master of our ride. Now she keeps saying, “I can’t believe I’m a part of this, it’s amazing!” A familiar face around the studio, Karen easily gets the award of most frequent rider. Her relentless energy amazes us and will motivate you too. Karen has been training hard and is excited to strut her stuff and meet even more of you riders!

Come meet and greet Karen this Sunday, 12/6 @ 4PM with a FREE community ride, signup online. She will teach on Tuesdays @5:30AM and weekends as we expand our schedule over the next couple of weeks.

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Introducing Natalie!

Big News, Cycle Town! We are SO excited to introduce our newest instructor, Natalie. She has been riding hard and rocking out with us from the beginning and now she’s Rhythm Ride® trained and ready to strut her stuff. Natalie is amazing—this petit ball of energy packs a punch and is a super fun, upbeat, and natural motivator—you will LOVE her as much as we do! She’s an English teacher at Hingham High and we knew that if she can handle those crazy kids she would be perfect to lead a Cycle Town pack.

After her first rehearsal Natalie’s husband Bobby, former Boston Bruins hockey player and current Pan Mass Challenge rider, posts on Facebook “Insanely good workout. I am not ashamed to say I am in the second best shape in our house.”  Ha!  Indeed Natalie has been crushing her rehearsals and will debut next Sunday, 6/14 with a FREE community meet and greet ride at 4PM. Signup online and come rock out and ride with Natalie.

Teaching schedule is still in the works but expect to see her at a new early morning Wednesday rooster ride (Fridays coming soon too) and mid-mornings in the summer when she’s off school. Come rock out and ride with Natalie!


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