Rider Profiles

A Tribute To Chris DeMelis

Chris had a specific bike she liked to ride. She dabbled with the front row. She started riding doubles occasionally. She was strong and happy and quickly became a staple in our studio.

But more importantly, Chris was a supporter of those around her and a giver of positive energy. She was SO proud of Melissa when she received her nursing degree. She was the first to tell us how much she loved a playlist or class. And she would affectionately push her best friend, Kristin Higgins, to go faster in a sprint;) There was always a sparkle in her eyes as she would congratulate our various life events.

Chris loved being a nurse in the pediatric ICU. She taught us about premie care, shared success stories and baby pictures, and demystified holding a 3 lb baby. We were ready to join her to be “baby rockers”. She was SO VERY proud of her four talented children and loving husband. The list goes on.

Chris DeMelis passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday and our team is HEARTBROKEN. She was so special.  We are grateful for the love and support she gave to all of us at Cycle Town and the Hingham community at large. We cherish that we had the opportunity to know her and add joy to her life. As we grieve, we know she would want us to push forward, play great music, and have fun on the bike. So we will. We love you, Chris.

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Rider Spotlight: Jane McGovern

When your health is taken away from you, the determination to live is fierce.  We see that on the bike with Jane.   The best part, we also see lots of joy.  Joy in conquering challenges and letting go while moving to music.  We are sooo glad her craving for health and wellness landed her on our bike.  Meet Jane McGovern and learn about her Pink Ribbon Pilates and Wellness workshop this Sunday 10/14 for those battling cancer and those now cancer free!


Tell us about yourself, your fam, and your interests.

My husband Gary and I have been married for almost 32 years and have lived in Scituate for 23 years (though you’ll never take the Jersey girl out of me!  Yes I have met Bruce Springsteen). We have three adult children, each completely different and wonderful in their own way. We are beyond thrilled to be grandparents to Julia Grace, who is now 8 months old. I babysit her on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it is the highlight of my week! I am a Certified Pilates Teacher and teach private and duet apparatus lessons in my home studio.


What first brought you to Cycle Town? What has your fitness journey been like?

I have never been an athlete, but I have always been active, playing tennis, running, etc. I first came to Cycle Town two years ago because I loved spinning and I love good, loud music and I had heard that Cycle Town had both. I wasn’t disappointed! I immediately loved the energy and good vibes in the room.

Spinning at CT helped me to train for the Pan-Mass Challenge in 2017. As a cancer survivor, it was one of the most fun and meaningful weekends of my life. I literally had tears streaming down my face as I attacked the hills in Wellfleet, thinking about how only a few years earlier I could barely walk after my reconstructive surgery, and here I was flying up these challenging hills to help other people like me. I am riding again in 2019 to celebrate being 10 years cancer free.


What motivates you?

Being a cancer survivor, I am motivated to stay strong and healthy for my family. I had 6 surgeries in almost 2 years, and I always had to work hard to fight my way back to fitness. I also want to be a good role model for my daughter, who unfortunately inherited the BRCA 2 gene from me. I want her to see that she can get through the worst, even cancer, with some knowledge, courage and a sense of humor.


You’re a breast cancer survivor. Congrats, we are so happy to see you healthy and strong! You’re now helping others with wellness and healing. Please share how your journey led you to your mat and your upcoming workshop this Sunday the 14th.

I dabbled in Pilates over the years, but never considered becoming a teacher. After I was diagnosed at age 46 in 2009 with Stage IIIa breast cancer, my fitness declined rapidly. I found that Pilates was the best way to keep me strong without injury.

Once you become a cancer survivor other people reach out to you, and you get drawn into the survivor community. I try to give back by offering 3 free Pilates apparatus lessons to survivors. This Sunday, Oct. 14 I have organized my second free, two-hour workshop designed specifically for breast cancer survivors to help them adjust to their body’s “new normal.” If that is for you, PLESE COME! We will focus on how to get and stay strong after treatment.


What do you like about riding at Cycle Town?

Like? Love! I love the positive, fun vibe. I love the instructors, all wonderful in their own, unique way. I love that you are encouraged to ride as part of a team, but given permission to do your own thing at the same time. I love the theme rides… especially the Hamilton theme ride! But most importantly, as a Pilates teacher, I love that every instructor focuses intently on form, and how to protect the spine during an intense spin class. It is so important!


Favorite move on the bike?

I love combining single backs with crunches, especially during a fun song. It feels like dancing on the bike!


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Rider Spotlight: Rob Taub

Everyone needs a Rob in their life!  Robbie Gold, as we affectionately call him, is ALL HEART.  He has a magical way of making you feel good about who you are and what you’re doing.  He just tells ya and he wears it on his sleeve.  Get to know this rock star who brings good vibes to the world each day!


Tell us about yourself, your family and your interests.

My wife Mary Anne and I, both from NY, met after college and moved to Milton in the late 70’s and have been married now 38 years. We raised our two children there, Alexandra and Adam, and 11 years ago as empty-nesters moved to Hull – and Living the dream! Interests are our children, grandkids, and Elvis our Golden-Doodle; our friends and neighbors; and many, many years of live Dead concerts. Other interests are being outdoors at every opportunity, walking the beaches, and gardening, which is obvious if you’ve driven past our home on Center Hill in Cohullam.

Positive energy… you have boatloads of it! Where do you find yours and how do you grow it?

It comes from surrounding myself with upbeat people – family, friends, neighbors, the Riders at Cycle Town and even the couple sitting on the bench outside CT with their Yellow Lab … anyone who makes me smile and laugh. A great deal of positive energy also comes from lifting people up, which is not only what I have been doing for a living since Grad school, but what I do for the pure enjoyment and satisfaction and the “positive energy” derived from having my hand in on others’ successes.

What do you like about Cycle Town?

First, I LOVE all the instructors and staff, and the great camaraderie of “all for one and one for all” that they and all their rider participants share. That ATTITUDE clearly prevails … and too, as one instructor put it so well, “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.  Second, IT WORKS! I’m in better condition both mentally and physically than I’ve been in a decade.

What has your fitness journey been like?

Since beginning a year ago, I have rocked nearly 150 rides, lost 24 lbs., and with the loss of 4” off the waist, gained a whole new wardrobe. I have to thank John for pushing me to get started. After weeks of nudging he finally bought me a ride, and I took him up on it. John’s advice to me at the start? Check my ego at the door. I did. Were it not for John, I would not be in the condition I’m in, both mentally and physically.

What motivates you on and off the bike?

What mostly motivates me on the bike are the 30+ Riders around me. On AND off the bike it is the challenge of getting the job done; and it certainly helps to have a team of 30+. Getting this particular job done, that of finishing Cycle Town’s 50-minute choreographed-cardio-interval workout, is one I did not know would be possible just a year ago. The instructors’ relentless encouragement for the entire 50 minutes is also a great motivator – makes me just want to yell “WAHOO!” at every interval. At 66 years old, my experience with Cycle Town’s passionate and inspirational instructors and Riders both, has given me faith that, on OR off the bike, the only person who can tell you that “you can’t” is yourself … AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN!

Favorite move on the bike?

Favorite move? The heavy slow climb from 70 to 80 to 90++ which takes all I have to give. My next favorite move? Unclipping … and another job well done!



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Rider Spotlight: Sarah Ellis

When Sarah rides she smiles ear to ear.  She makes her health and well-being a priority because she knows acutely the need to keep in touch with the joy of the every day.   That’s it: seek out the joy of the everyday.  That’s her power.

Tell us about yourself, your fam, and your interests.

I moved to Hingham almost seven years ago from Charlottesville, VA. We moved here after my husband finished law school at the University of Virginia and took a job with a law firm in Boston. We have three small children – two boys (7 & 6) and a little girl (almost 20 months – ahh!) – that keep us very busy. We love Hingham; it is such a great town to raise a family. I am very involved with Foster School, my Giving Circle and St. John’s Episcopal Church.

Some of my interests are exercising, volunteering, cooking, traveling and reading. Mostly I enjoy being with family and friends.

What first brought you to Cycle Town? What has your fitness journey been like?

I had not done any spinning classes prior to coming to Cycle Town three years ago. I was intrigued by the type of workout and wanted to really push myself to do more. I always played team sports growing up. After college I attended a number of different gyms where I gravitated towards group classes. My favorite classes were step aerobics or cardio classes because of the fun music and enthusiastic instructors. When my kids were little I had a hard time finding time to work out. Now that my oldest is seven I have made a commitment to getting into better shape. I like to rotate between Cycle Town, Hingham Yoga and the Bar Method for my workouts because they offer a very different type of burn.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by being the best version of me. I find that I feel better and have more energy on days that I work out.

This has been especially tough year and a half, and I feel that working out, and Cycle Town, were a big factor in my recovery. After having my daughter, I was very sick; there were long periods of time where I struggled to do much of anything. I was a shadow of my former self, and even with great medical treatment, my recovery was very uneven and difficult. I have wonderful friends and family, and their patience and support were big factors in my recovery, but internally, it was crucial for me to find personal motivation to help me move forward. Working out became a great motivator – whether it was the adrenaline or the constant reinforcement of great teachers, or the desire to be part of a group, I’m not entirely sure, but I found a very important part of myself in these classes. For a long while, I went to the earliest class so that I would just get out of bed, and without any time to dwell on the day or second guess myself, I would cycle or do another class. It set the table for my day, and eventually my weeks, and, to me, was a big part of pulling myself through my illness and becoming “me” again.

What do you like about Cycle Town?

I really love all the instructors. They have a positive energy and they are always motivating me to work harder on the bike. Even on the days where I don’t feel as motivated, I walk out of class feeling invigorated. Unlike at other workouts, the Cycle Town instructors seem to love their jobs and they always deliver with an awesome workout. One of my favorite aspects of the workout is when an instructor calls out a rider. I love that the instructor knows everyone’s name and encourages them throughout the ride. It really makes me feel like part of the community. I also love the social aspect of Cycle Town. I have a number of friends that work out here and I love coordinating classes and scheduling a coffee date or juice date afterwards as a reward for working hard.

Favorite move on the bike?

I really like moving around on the bike. Lunges and figure eights are my favorite even though I am not always sure that I am doing them correctly.

You are known for your love of throwbacks. Any favs you want coming out of our speakers soon?

My all-time favorite Cycle Town moment was during one of Kristen’s Thursday classes when she played Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ and dedicated the song to me. The band played that song at our wedding and it has always been a personal favorite. Nothing beats sprinting to the lyrics of a classic 80’s song.


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Rider Spotlight: Grace, Halle, and Maeve

Affectionately called our “Littles”, they are the youthful faces that warmly greet you at our front desk. Who knew high schoolers could be so driven and responsible, plus be total rock stars on the bike! Grace, Halle, and Maeve have spent nearly a year with us and we’ve gotten to watch them navigate the college application process. Pedals were turning extra fast there for a while as they anxiously waited for those acceptance letters. Now they’ve got news to share, so you too can join the celebration before they head off to school in August.


Let’s cut to the chase. You each now know where you’re headed to college. Share your news!

Grace: I’ll be heading to Boston College in the Fall in the Connell School of Nursing! I’m so excited for all the football and hockey games and can’t wait to meet new people and take advantage of all the new opportunities I have!

Halle: I’m headed to UVM this fall! I am very excited to go because not only have I wanted to go there since I was a kid but I’m a big skier and love the snow and being outside.

Maeve: I chose BC because it gives me the best of both worlds. I’ve always been wicked close with my family and have never imagined shipping out to say the West Coast for college, but I want to experience this new chapter away from home as well. With BC I am close enough that family is reachable, but far enough away that I don’t have to see them 24-7;) I also have always imagined myself going there since my dad graduated from BC, and told me all of his favorite memories there. Go eagles!!


What kinds of sports and fitness have you been involved in as you’ve grown up?

Grace: I used to be a part of the rowing team at the high school but after my sophomore year I was injured and had to stop. Ever since, spinning has been a huge part of my weekly routine and can’t imagine what I would have done without it. I also run often and just finished the NYC half-marathon in March!

Halle: Growing up, I ski raced in Southern Vermont and played club and town lacrosse. Also, my lacrosse coach is a personal trainer at CrossFit and likes to make up insane workouts for us.

Maeve: Growing up I tried many different sports. I played basketball since first grade until I stopped sophomore year, I swam competitively until eighth grade, I have played volleyball since sixth grade, and I rode horses up until seventh grade. But it wasn’t until Cycle Town that I started “working out”.


What about Cycle Town hooked you?

Grace: Cycle Town hooked me because not only can I count on getting a great workout every time I come but the people I’ve met through Cycle Town are some of the most genuine and caring.  The Cycle Town community is one I’m proud to be a part of.

Halle: I was immediately hooked at Cycle Town because of the sweat and music. Nothing feels better than walking out of there drenched in sweat.

Maeve: The thing that hooked me at Cycle Town was definitely the music. I had never experienced a fifty minutes of brutal physical activity that was FUN. The music made the time fly, and now I dread having to workout outside of spin haha.


What advice do you have for fellow high schoolers starting out riding?

Grace: My best advice would be to keep with it. I remember the first time I came I had a really hard time but every time I came back it got better and better and now spinning is one of the best parts of my day.

Halle: For any highscholler starting out, if you need to sweat it out or find some new music, this is the place for you.  The great people make it even better.

Maeve: If I were to give other high schoolers starting out any advice it would be to stick with it. I have seen incredible changes in my body since I started riding here, but you have to trust in the process. I felt awkward on the bike at first, but after a few classes I started to get the hang of it.


Favorite move on the bike?

Grace: My favorite move on the bike is the sprints

Halle: My favorite move on the bike has to be a straight climb or squats!

Maeve: My favorite move on the bike is definitely the lunges (and figure eights). I love when the whole class is hitting the beat so perfectly, and this move makes the heavy weight that much more bearable.


Favorite song(s) to ride to?

Grace: My all time favorite song to ride to is Whip it.

Halle: My favorite songs on the bike range anywhere from upbeat house and edm to a classic 70s/80s throwback.

Maeve: Recently, I’ve loved riding to Slide by Calvin Harris. Some of my favorites are Pour Some Sugar On Me, anything Britney, and the Rihanna remix of Pony.


desk girls chat

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Rider Spotlight: Elyse Ryan

Elyse is willing to work hard to achieve her goals.  She’s a great role model in that she prioritizes the fun factor in fitness.  She rides with her friends (that’s you, Sherry!), she’s music-centric and she likes to move her body.  And she’s consistent.  That’s a recipe for feeling good and we love her for it!  Meet Elyse!


Tell us about yourself, Don and the boys, and your interests.

I am originally from New Jersey and we moved to Hingham 16 years ago when my husband, Don took a job with a new company in Boston. I taught elementary school for 10 years in New York and New Jersey. When we made our move, my main focus was to raise our sons Jack and Aidan and to embrace our new lifestyle in New England. We love Hingham and it has been such a great town to raise a family. Jack is now a freshman at Providence College and Aidan is a senior at Hingham High School and now going through the college application process.

Some of my interests are exercising, cooking, gardening, traveling , skiing , reading. Mostly I enjoy being with family and friends.

Dog or cat? Dog
Passenger or driver? Driver
BBQ or oven? Oven
Sweater or hoodie? Hoodie
Africa or Asia? Asia

Everyone has a fitness journey, tell us about yours (culminating in new spin shoes!)

I always think of exercise as my gift to myself; I feel more energetic and more productive and healthier when I have achieved my exercise goals.   I like to mix it up between cycling, barre, running, walking, and yoga. Two years ago during a very harsh winter when there was so much snow you could hardly leave the house by foot, Cycle Town opened its doors. It was perfect timing and a great way to keep fit during a very long winter. My husband took classes with me on Sundays, which was great because we don’t get too many opportunities to exercise together.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by energetic fun instructors and great music. I love how a workout makes me feel mentally and physically strong. Leading a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating healthy is important to me and my family. I can’t imagine a day without activity or a well balanced diet with a few splurges here or there.

What do you like about Cycle Town?

I love Cycle Town because it’s an amazing cardio calorie burning class. It’s really fun and different from a typical spin class. The instructors are all highly motivating and push you to be your best. We are constantly moving on the bike which burns more calories and the music chosen is perfect to keep in sync with the beat. It is really fun and working out should be fun. I usually take Erin’s class and she is always so upbeat and mixes things up to keep it lively.

Favorite move on the bike?

My favorite moves on the bike are the lunges, squats and sprints. They are challenging moves which make me push myself and I am motivated by the class energy.

I finally just bought spin shoes and it really makes a difference with endurance. I feel more balanced and pedal more efficiently. I can’t believe it took me so long!

Work hard, play hard… What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love the saying, work hard play hard…..but everything in moderation.

My guilty pleasure is wine, cheese and pizza. Everyone needs to splurge every now and then!

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Rider Spotlight: Terry Ronan

Terry has our Rooster instructor team wrapped around his finger.  The power of a smile!  He’s a 5:30AM fixture and it’s been a pleasure watching him ride hard and achieve amazing results.  His quintessential phrase, “this doesn’t get easier, you get me every time.”  That’s our favorite compliment!


Tell us about yourself… you and Marisa, the kids, interests, the work you do.

My wife Marisa, also a Cycle Towner, and I have been married for 30 years and arrived in Hingham 23 years ago. We have two active boys, Conor, 15, and Carter, 12. We love Hingham and all it has to offer. Summers we spend a lot of time at the beach on the weekend and the boys take sailing lessons at Hingham Maritime Center during the week. Conor is a 9th grade novice rower at HHS. We try and get away to Sanibel Island in Florida during one of the school vacation weeks.

I was raised in North Andover, MA and went to Bates College. After college I served 5 years as a Naval Officer. Following grad school I have spent my work career in banking and finance, focusing on oil, gas and power for the last 25 years. I used to be a golf nut, but haven’t been able to indulge much for the last few years given the time commitment. Cycle Town helps keep me sane!

Everyone has a fitness journey, but recently yours is pretty stunning and ought to be called a downright physical transformation. You look wonderful. Congrats and please share the story of your success!

My wife Marisa introduced me to Cycle Town in June of 2015. It was tough at first because I was woefully out of shape for the usual excuses, stress at work and not enough hours in the day to exercise. I started out slow and after a few rides started to improve and feel better. The instructors were very encouraging. After a couple of weeks, I was hooked. I forced myself to get up and take the 5:30AM class and it turned out to be a fantastic way to start the day. Walking out of the studio at 6:20AM after a good ride, the endorphins kick in and the feeling is exhilarating! After 15 months I feel so much better. With the cycling and more of a focus on healthy eating, I’ve dropped 40 pounds and just got below 200. This is the only body I will ever have and Cycle Town is helping me keep the old man out. It is really a big part of who I am now.

You always come in with an easy smile. Is there a secret to your steady, consistent positive attitude?

No secret. A good, positive attitude is contagious and it seems to me every instructor and rider that walks in the door at Cycle Town has that attitude, so that makes it easy as we all build on each other.

What motivates you? On the bike and in life in general.

On the bike it’s trying to get better, faster, pushing through heavier gears. The instructors are very inspiring and push you in a positive way. The day is so much better after that sweat.

In life, it’s work hard and play hard (though maybe not playing as hard as I used to). Perhaps a better way to think of it is having fun in whatever I do. The Commanding Officer of my first ship told me if it isn’t fun, you aren’t doing it right, and I’ve tried to live with that attitude since. I feel lucky to have my family in such a great area to live and work.

What do you love about Cycle Town?

I love all the instructors because they are so upbeat, encouraging, motivating and inspiring. The rhythm ride makes it like a team sport where we all ride as one in the class. Everyone in the class is working hard and having fun. The stress of daily life just runs out of your body and ends up on the floor with the sweat. I especially like that the instructors often ride with us on the days they aren’t leading a class. You know they love it for more than the workout, and that is uplifting.

Favorite move on the bike?

I like the fact we are doing something different every 3 or 4 minutes. Moving around the bike with a heavy gear, lunges and figure eights, are a favorite.

Work hard, play hard… what’s your guilty pleasure?

Too many to list. However, good food, red wine, or beer on the beach, preferably with family and friends, are at the top.

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Rider Spotlight: Caroline Johnson

Riding with people like Caroline Johnson is one of the reasons we love what we do. She crushes beats like a rock star and brings excellent energy to every ride. She tells us about the positive impact we have on her life. These things make us glow and we want to share the joy. Meet Caroline!

Tell us about yourself, your interests and career!

I was born and raised in The South (Atlanta), moved here with my family about five years ago and currently live in Weymouth with my 9-year-old son. I’m a CPA / Controller by day and a mom, chef, dancer, hiker, gardener, beach lover and spinner by night (and on the weekends). Because my father was a New Englander, the Northeast does not feel that foreign to me and honestly, I’ve never felt so at home as when I crossed into Massachusetts and the Boston skyline came into view. I love Boston, I love the South Shore, I love raising my son here and although I’m far from my family, right now it’s exactly where I want to be.

Hunter or gatherer? Gatherer
Sweet or sour? Sweet
Flip flops or sneakers? Both
Spring or Fall? Fall
Game of Thrones or Glee? Neither
Bowling or Roller skating? Duh…roller skating


What has been your fitness journey?

I can’t remember when my journey for healthy living began, but I do remember being extremely active and playful as a child; feeling more comfortable outside than in, preferring movement to sitting still and loving the way vegetables tasted. I was lucky enough to have an older brother who taught me how throw a perfect spiral and spent hours running me back and forth on the tennis court and a mom who insisted I enroll in every dance class in town. I continued to stay active in college with running which I replaced with yoga, biking and hiking in more recent adult years. Now, being the single-mom of an athletic 9-year-old, I don’t have the option of “letting myself go” physically. He keeps me going and there’s no better feeling than being able to shoot hoops with him on the court, race him up a hill on our bikes or spend hours tossing the football in the front yard. Having a healthy body is not a given. There are so many people that struggle every day to just get out of bed. I never ever take my health for granted and I’m so grateful to have a body that works with me and not against me.


What has been the most extreme sport you’ve ever tried?

At an early age, I became terrified of the ocean. I’m sure my fear coincided with my first (and last) viewing of the movie JAWS. So after going through a difficult time in my marriage I made a conscious decision to face my biggest fear because at that point, what did I have to lose? So I booked a trip with my surfing cousin, renewed my passport and headed to Costa Rica. It was terrifying and amazing, I felt beat down and built up and the same time and although I didn’t come out of the trip in love with surfing, I did learn that when my mind creates an obstacle, my body can help convince the mind to get through it. I’ve experienced this so many times during spinning too except in the opposite direction. When my body feels like it cannot simply handle another 30 seconds of 90% incline, the mind tells the body “yes you can” and when MY mind starts to waiver, the instructor’s voice and music chimes in and says “you’re almost there, YOU GOT THIS”.


What motivates you?

It varies. Some days it’s my son, some days it’s a great song, some days it’s the sun coming through the window and hearing the birds outside. Everyday it’s different, but the ultimate motivator for me is an internal drive to be mentally, emotionally and physically able to experience everything that life has to offer. I hate saying “no” to the universe when it presents me with something that I really really want to experience so I get up, put on my shoes and hit the 5:30 AM class.


What about Cycle Town hooked you? How has it made a difference in your life?

Where do I start? I walked through the doors at 5:10 AM on a weekday and felt welcomed, loved and inspired ever since. I love that everyone in the class is where they want to be. There is never ever any shame and I feel uplifted and encouraged by the entire room. The instructors are so creative and seem to know just exactly the work-out I need (I’m sure we all feel that way), They know just what to play and say at the very moment that I need it. I’ve had days when I feel like crying and screaming at whatever is going on in my life and somehow, something changes during the class and I walk out having a hard time remembering why I was so upset. I’ve been to other spin classes and other fitness centers and there is something uniquely special about Cycle Town and the Cycle Town community. It is trans-formative and inspirational and I feel so very blessed to have it in my life.


Favorite move on the bike?
Any move that incorporates music from Rihanna, Beyonce or Justin Timberlake.


Why do you like your new spin shoes?
As anyone on the left or right of me will attest to, I tend to be a bit hyperactive (borderline spastic) on the bike. The spin shoes not only make my feet look smaller, but they bring my energy under control. Also, I think my sprints and runs are way faster now.


Work hard, play hard… What’s your guilty pleasure?
Taco chips, guacamole and margarita(s).

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Rider Spotlight: Rocky and Ariana Tenaglia

We have a soft spot for father-daughter pairs!  Rocky and Ariana share energy– they like to move, conquer challenges and connect with others.  We are thrilled they prioritize time on our bikes together and ride like rock stars.  Meet a duo committed to health and fitness both personally and professionally!


Tell us about the Tenaglias including the family business and your interests!

Rocky: The Tenaglia family includes me, my wife Jane, and our daughters Ariana and Nikki.  We call Hull our home and own 3 independent pharmacies in the area.  Nantasket Pharmacy in Hull where Rocky works, Hingham Centre Pharmacy where Lisa (Rocky’s sister who’s a pharmacist) works, and Scituate Pharmacy where Jane (who’s a pharmacist) works. So we keep it in the family. When we are not working we like to spend time on an island where the water is warm and the diving is alluring.

Ariana: We love spending time together as a family. We try to take a family vacation at least once a year to a tropical island where we can sit in the sun at the beach all day. Nikki and I share a passion for diving and stand up paddle boarding which we are fortunate enough to do together on our family vacations.

Everyone has a fitness journey, please tell us about yours. Ariana please include your recent achievement of yoga instructor certification!

Rocky: At age 50 it was time for a lifestyle change and with that came spin.

Ariana: I have always been into fitness in one way or another. Growing up I did dance at the Hingham Community Center, synchronized swimming at SWOJAN Swim Club in Norwell, and played sports throughout middle school and high school. When I got to college I found it more difficult to motivate myself to exercise alone so I would go to the gym with friends. When I came home from college I found that motivation through my dad and we began going to spin together.   In addition to sports and spinning, yoga has always been a part of my life. Both my mother and my grandmother are long time yoga practitioners and my mom became a yoga teacher about 5 years ago. Growing up yoga was a great way for me to bond with them. In order to deepen my practice and learn more about the practice of yoga, I just completed my RYT200 training.

What motivates you? On the bike and in life.

Rocky: I live by the motto YOLO (You Only Live Once). The zest for life and believing fitness helps achieve success in life both physically and mentally.

Ariana: I think what motivates me the most is keeping my body healthy and strong so I can do anything I want. Growing up working at the pharmacy, I saw so many people with debilitating diseases where their bodies were failing them. I am so lucky to have a strong, healthy body and I want to keep it that way.

Why do you love Cycle Town?

Rocky: The energy, focus and determination of all the instructors. Each one is motivated to help everyone enjoy their ride and to achieve optimal performance.

Ariana: Both the riders and the instructors at Cycle Town really encourage me to push myself every time I go. It is a fun, happy environment that makes me feel like I can accomplish anything once I’ve completed a class.

Favorite move on the bike?

Rocky: Not one in particular because when I am on a bike I’m in a zone and just ride and enjoy.

Ariana: I love squats!

Advice for new riders?

Rocky: Just get on and enjoy your ride.

Ariana: It’s definitely overwhelming at first, especially if you have never done anything like it, but stick with it and just enjoy yourself! You’ll be amazed at what your body can do!

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Rider Spotlight: Jack and Cate Diamond


This father-daughter pair has a special connection, and we love that Cycle Town is the place they share some QT. It’s endearing to see them ride and rock out together in our rooster classes. They embrace fitness and fun, so naturally we just love them! Meet Jack and Cate Diamond!


Tell us about yourselves… what the Diamond family is like, work/school, what your interests are.

The Diamond family consists of me and my wife, Terry, and our kids, Jack 19, Cate 18 and Meghan 14. I am a lawyer with my office here in Hingham at 738 Main Street. Terry works at Crate and Barrel. Jack is a freshman in college at UMASS, graduating from HHS last spring and having played football there for 4 years. Cate is a HHS senior who will be attending Babson College next year and playing Field Hockey there. Meghan is an 8th grader at HMS and a champion level Irish Step dancer. As a family we ski most every winter weekend at Attitash. We spend the summers at Fresh Pond in Manomet where we enjoy lots of golf, swimming, water skiing, paddle boarding and fishing.

I love riding with Cate. When I started riding in the Fall, Cate was in season playing field hockey, and had no time, or need for another workout. When her season finished she started going to the 5:30’s with me as a way to get a workout in. She loved it. As the weeks went by it was fun to see more and more of her friends and teammates showing up at the 5:30 class. Some mornings there might be 8 or more of her high school friends in the class. We laugh when a certain song from a ride comes on the radio and we remember exactly the move the instructor had us doing for that song.

Jack, you look awesome. You have physically become a different person since we’ve known you! Tell us about your fitness journey and don’t leave out any details about your success!

My current fitness journey started the day after Labor Day. I was 285 lbs. I started a metabolism based weight loss program called New England Fat Loss. After 2 weeks I was down 20 lbs and wanted to start to work in some cardio to keep the weight loss going. I had heard good reviews on Cycle Town from friends. I signed up for my first spin class on a Saturday morning. As a result of the very low calorie intake I was on, I almost passed out on the ride home. Things got better after that morning and I started riding a couple of times a week. After completing the initial hard core 6 weeks of the weight loss program I was down 50 lbs and riding 2-3 times per week. I moved in to the maintenance phase and I am now taking a more normal approach to a healthy lifestyle. My daily diet is now a normal plan with just more healthy choices. Over the winter the exercise routine has been very consistent with 3-4 trips to CycleTown each week, playing hockey a couple of times per week and a getting in a couple of days of skiing every weekend. I am down another 15 pounds since the initial 50 and continuing in that direction at a much more reasonable pace.

Cate, we are so impressed! You are young, strong and determined. Tell us what fitness means to you at this point in your life.

Fitness is a very large part of my life, I love to stay active while having fun. Whether it’s going to Cycle Town, working out at Catz, or just getting out on the turf I’m always enjoying myself. I play field hockey and lacrosse, so staying in shape, strong, and healthy is my main goal.

What motivates you? On the bike and off.

Jack: What motivates me on the bike is getting in the best workout I can. The ride is 50 minutes. I know I can go as hard as I can for 50 minutes and it is over. If I am going to be there at that hour of the morning, I might as well do the best I can to get the best workout.

What motivates me off the bike is having fun. Life is way too short to be miserable. I like to have fun every day, no matter what I am doing. I try to have as much fun in court every day as I do at the rink, the ski slope (with maybe a little more fun at Après Ski), the golf course, the beach or anywhere I find myself. This is something that I am constantly trying to instill in our kids. I am very fortunate in that they actually still like to hang with me, or let me hang with them, as much as they do. Everyone has been warning me for years that it will come to an abrupt end, but we are still hanging strong. Family is the most important thing and I have been very lucky to enjoy spending so much time with our immediate and extended family.

Cate: I motivate myself by picturing myself on the field, it’s the last minute of the game, we’re tied and the balls in the offensive end. The pressures on and you know that the push may be painful buts it’s worth it in the end. On the bike, I know I’ll be able to bounce it out soon so I just push through that 30 seconds of sprints and let my legs fly.

What do you love about Cycle Town?

Jack: Cycle Town has been a great fit for me. I love the 5:30 am rides. I now find myself going to all 4, Tuesday through Friday, every week. Kristen keeps promising me a Monday, 5:30 am class, but it never seems to be on the schedule. The crew that rides the early bird rides are great. It is an eclectic mix of people and everyone is very supportive and friendly. The 4 early morning classes all are taught by different instructors. They are all very different and they are all great. That is important in keeping the workout fresh and not getting stale. The personalities, the rides, the music, all vary from class to class, instructor to instructor. Any ride with Peanut Butter Jelly blasting is a great ride for me. I am an early bird anyway. Getting up a little earlier at 4:30 am was a minor adjustment. It feels good to walk out of Cycle Town at 6:30 am and have a great workout in the books. It energizes me for the day. I was never a good runner. The bike was always a better fit for me. The rides at Cycle Town are intense. I was impressed and pleasantly surprised at how much it works the core and upper body and not just the legs and cardio. I feel like I get a great full body workout every class.

Cate: I love Cycle Town because it’s so energizing and you get a great workout. You walk out drenched in sweat but you’re smiling because you just had an awesome playlist and you feel accomplished that you crushed the ride. People think we’re crazy for getting up before work or school to go spin, but we always tell people it’s just so much fun you don’t even notice!

Favorite move on the bike?

Jack: Favorite move on the bike is pushing the red button at the end. Second favorite move is alternating lunges. Least favorite move is anything double time. My legs just don’t move that fast.

Cate: My favorite move on the bike is definitely when we slow it down and hit the lunges and figure eights. It’s always a bonus when you get a good hip hop song that you can sing along to.

Work hard, play hard… what’s your guilty pleasure?

Jack: Guilty pleasure is Beer and BBQ, and the BBQ is not necessary. The regular 5:30 am appointments at Cycle Town let me indulge in a little of that guilty pleasure.

Cate: Ice cream is definitely my guilty pleasure. Ben and Jerry’s, specifically New York Super Fudge Chunk, or Chunky Monkey. It’s a good thing I mostly ride in the mornings otherwise I’d be next door at Nona’s after class.

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