+ What should I bring?

Most importantly, a winning attitude. After that we recommend a water bottle, towel, and comfortable, fitted exercise clothing. Avoid loose fabrics that could get caught in the bike. Don’t forget that towel, you will sweat!  Or buy one of our Cycle Town towels with our fancy logo on it for your spin bag. 

+ What kind of bikes do you have?

A beautiful fleet of Schwinn bikes, complete with magnetic resistance to provide a smooth, solid ride. Each bike has a console that can hold your towel and water bottles.

+ Do I need special shoes?

No. Our bikes come with both SPD (clip in) and basket pedal combinations so you can wear spin shoes or regular sneakers. If you’ve ever considered getting spin shoes, it’s a treat. ‘Clipping in’ makes for a more effective ride by creating a more powerful pedal stroke than regular sneakers.  We are in the process of arranging to sell spin shoes at the studio.  For those with Look cleats we have a few bikes to accommodate.

+ Why do you ride in dim light?

The atmosphere you ride in is as important as the exercise itself. Lowering the lights creates a non-competitive, pressure-free cardio sanctuary that allows each rider to get in the zone and let the stress of the day float away.

+ Do I need to make a reservation?

We recommend reserving a bike in advance to ensure you get a saddle, however walk-ins are welcome.   Please review our reservation, cancelation, and waitlist policies

+ What are your cancellation, waitlist, and standby policies?

Cancellation policy:  A reservation may be cancelled up to 9 hours prior to class. If you cancel within 9 hours, you will be charged a ride.  For monthly unlimited riders, a late cancel or no show will result in a $8 fee.  If you cancel more than 9 hours in advance your account will be credited back the ride for future use.

Waitlist policy:  If a class is full use our waitlist, they do move! Please note, if you sign up for the waitlist you are signing up for the class.  You will be notified via email at least 3 hours in advance if a bike opens up and automatically enrolled in the class.  If you no longer want the spot you must cancel your reservation online or call/ email us so you are not charged for the ride.  If a bike opens up less than 3 hours before class we will call the waitlist to see if you’d like the spot. Please make sure your phone number is in your account so we can call you.  If you no longer want to be on the waitlist (and automatically added to the class), be sure to take yourself off.

Standby policy:  If a class if full, a walk-in may wait as a standby rider.  At the start of class we will let standby riders in to take any empty bikes.  If you are running late, please call us and we will happily save your bike for you.

+ Do you sell water?

Yes, we sell bottled water at the reception desk.  There is also a water fountain in the hallway to fill up your water bottle.

+ Do you have showers or a changing area?

No showers, no locker rooms. Across the hall from the studio are bathrooms that can also be used for changing. Just get the key at the reception desk.

+ Where do I put my stuff?

We have cubbies and coat hooks.

+ What are the benefits of indoor cycling?

To name a few…

  • Excellent cardiovascular fitness
  • Excellent physical strength
  • Toned and lean muscles
  • You will torch calories
  • Low body impact
  • Psychological benefits
  • Mental clarity
  • Stronger immune system
  • Weather proof (and good for your skin to be out of the elements)
  • Increased energy and general stamina
  • Resistance to fatigue
  • Social and supportive community
  • Enjoyment of excellent music

+ I want to work at Cycle Town, how can I apply?

Thanks for your interest in joining the Cycle Town team! We are always interested in the absolute BEST high energy and inspiring instructors and staff. Please contact cycletownstudio@gmail.com with your background, resume, and area of interest and someone will get back to you right away.