“His voice is like chocolate”, Melissa proclaimed. Yes! We’re very psyched to have our first guy instructor. Meet Alex Brown! Alex’s on mic voice is equally powerful and funny. He’s motivating yet laid back. He loves big intervals and heavy beats. Oh yeah, he also plays piano and was a drummer in a band. Those are some pretty sweet ingredients for our podium. 

Starting in high school Alex found himself drawn to mountain biking and bouldering. By college he had picked up crew and rock climbing and had ambitions to travel to the world’s greatest peaks. Cross country skiing and snow shoeing keep him busy in the winter. He’s a guy on the go and loves high octane sports.  

By day Alex works in commercial construction management.  He’s a hands-on guy and in his spare time likes to tinker with wood working and cars. His favorite projects are for his friend and family. He’s such a nice guy 🙂

Two years ago Alex learned about Cycle Town through Lauren and it took him a couple months to build the nerve to come give it a try. Great choice! He hasn’t turned back and now we are thrilled to have a dude on our squad.