Ride our high energy, music-driven, interval-based rides from home. We’ve created a premium virtual experience and have been hard at work preparing dozens of classes for you. Rhythm Ride, Rhythm Ripped and theme rides are back.  Our on demand library of 50+ rides will keep you moving and smiling for weeks and months to come.  See you in the saddle, Cycle Town Army

How do I buy an on demand class?

Click which series you would like to browse below. In each series page you will be able to select the package or single class. You will then be directed to MindBody where you will log-in to your account and complete your purchase.

How do I receive the on demand videos once I purchase?

Once purchased, a link to the online classes will be emailed to you within a few hours.  Watch them as many times as you want.

Can I use existing ride packages in my account towards on demand?

No. Save those for when we are back together under the blue lights!

What devices can I watch on demand classes on?

Any device with a browser.  For example an iPad or connect to your TV.

Can I stream Cycle Town classes on my Peloton?

Yes.  Your friend Google or YouTube can show you, or we’re happy to help.

What equipment do I need? 

We recommend a high-quality stationary bike.  One-to-five pound weights (or soup cans) can be used in the arms portion of the ride.  We also recommend a mat for the 10 minute core and glutes floor series at the end of class. Need a bike? We’ve got you covered. Email cycletownstudio@gmail.com for more information on purchasing options.

What if I am new and have never taken a Cycle Town class?

Welcome to the Cycle Town Army! We’re so happy you’re here. Click the “BUY” button below the class, create an account with MindBody and soon you will be streaming our rides.  Connect with us!  We’d love to meet you, welcome you to our community and answer any questions.

How often are your On Demand rides released.  

We’re targeting batches of on-demand classes to be released June 1, June 15, June 25, July 5, and July 15.  That should get you started!

How much do you miss me?  

Soooooo much!!  You have NO IDEA how hard it has been to be away from you and the Army of riders.  We know you miss our team and your fellow riders too.  Cycle Town was created to bring people together, to uplift and inspire.  We think that’s best done in person and under blue lights.  In the mean time, check out our weekly email (Mondays) and our social media posts and stories for updates on what’s going on with the studio and our team.  And keep in touch, we want to know how you’re doing too, please!

But just like each ride in the blue room, we are a transformation story.  Digital, baby!  We’ll continue to do what we can to support you from afar until we can be together.

On demand rides can be purchased individually or as a series package. Click on each series below to browse what’s included. Series 5 and 6 are the most recent series launched Feb 2021.

SERIES 18 Total Classes: 7 Rhythm Ride, 1 Rhythm Ripped 

SERIES 2 – 10 Total Classes: 8 Rhythm Ride, 2 Rhythm Ripped (w/ 2 Theme Rides)

SERIES 3 – 10 Total Classes: 8 Rhythm Ride, 2 Rhythm Ripped (w/ 2 Theme Rides)

SERIES 4 – 10 Total Classes: 8 Rhythm Ride, 2 Rhythm Ripped (w/ 2 Theme Rides)

SERIES 5 10 Total Classes: 8 Rhythm Ride, 2 Rhythm Ripped (w/ 2 Theme Rides)

SERIES 65 Total: All Rhythm Ripped (w/ 1 Theme Ride)

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