Chris had a specific bike she liked to ride. She dabbled with the front row. She started riding doubles occasionally. She was strong and happy and quickly became a staple in our studio.

But more importantly, Chris was a supporter of those around her and a giver of positive energy. She was SO proud of Melissa when she received her nursing degree. She was the first to tell us how much she loved a playlist or class. And she would affectionately push her best friend, Kristin Higgins, to go faster in a sprint;) There was always a sparkle in her eyes as she would congratulate our various life events.

Chris loved being a nurse in the pediatric ICU. She taught us about premie care, shared success stories and baby pictures, and demystified holding a 3 lb baby. We were ready to join her to be “baby rockers”. She was SO VERY proud of her four talented children and loving husband. The list goes on.

Chris DeMelis passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday and our team is HEARTBROKEN. She was so special.  We are grateful for the love and support she gave to all of us at Cycle Town and the Hingham community at large. We cherish that we had the opportunity to know her and add joy to her life. As we grieve, we know she would want us to push forward, play great music, and have fun on the bike. So we will. We love you, Chris.