Molly has always loved sports. She’s played them ALL. She’s also very much a people person, a team player and is drawn to helping others. It makes perfect sense that her first job in college was for a ski company and then for the last 8 years she’s been a teacher. She currently teaches 1st grade in Rockland. Cheers to summer vacation!

Molly thrives in a group setting and leading people to be their best.  The lights go down, the music goes up and Molly likes to MOVE. She’s all in for intense challenges. And dance to the music? Oh you will! Community + music + feeling strong is her special sauce for a great ride.

Cooking, listening to live music and have fun with family and friends is her jam. We love her feel good energy and outrageous determination.  Molly is ready to lead you on the bike. Her positive energy is contagious and will take you everywhere on the beautiful bike that goes nowhere. Meet Molly Mansfield!