Cycle Town started five years ago in my basement.  Cliché but true!  Bikes lined up, wide-eyed instructors figuring out our beat-riding method and how we would deliver it.  My aspirations were simple.  I wanted to offer an exercise that was intense, effective and fun.  But that was not enough.  It needed to bring people together and lift them up.  It would be music-infused and provide equal parts joy and sweat.  Community was key.  Our culture would value laughter, effort, positivity, smiles.  And of course connection—unplugged time with oneself, fellow riders, our team. 

All this on a bike that goes nowhere.   How do you make all those things happen?  Ultimately we did and I’m here to say thank you.

Our team is the foundation of all the wonderful things that come out of Cycle Town.  I’m so grateful for their warm and fun-loving personalities, and the positive energy they bring.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!  Our team culture is about growing and supporting each other and it shows.  Our instructors radiate on our stage and project their goodness through the mic.  Our desk team beams welcoming smiles.  I love riding in the back of the room watching it all go down.  It never gets old seeing our instructors thrive and our riders following suit as they pump out effort.

Thank you to our riders.  You are the people who want to have a positive impact on your day.  The people who want to feel good, work hard and move your body to music.  You show up and you generously share your effort and good vibes.  Thank you for supporting us!  We want you to enjoy our beautiful studios, but really it’s about making you shine and celebrating your strength.

My family is also a part of this small local business with me.  I am so grateful to have their steadfast love and support.

Now we’re five years in with a new studio about to open.  We cannot wait to grow the Cycle Town community and bring the magic we create in the blue room to even more people. Our leadership, instructor, and desk teams are growing with incredible talent–stay tuned!  It’s a really exciting time and I thank you deeply for the support and loyalty you’ve shown Cycle Town.  Happy 5 year anniversary to all of us.   

With love and gratitude,