As the middle child of six, Brooke knows you have to speak up to get what you want. After riding at Cycle Town for a year and finding a happy alliance with our community, Brooke spoke up and asked about becoming an instructor. The self-confidence she had developed on the bike inspired her to step outside her comfort zone and continue a trajectory of saying “yes” to new opportunities. A recent graduate of BSU with a degree in communication disorders, Brooke first found a passion for fitness lifting weights at the gym. It is not a coincidence then that her interest in communication catalyzed a desire to share her own voice on the instructor podium. Brooke believes that happiness and positivity are a choice, and when you choose “happy” you live “happy.” She manifests this for herself every single day with a ritual of stating out loud “It’s going to be a great day!” before her feet touch the floor. Watch out for that sweet smile though, as this beauty can turn fierce at the drop of a beat.

You can catch her on the podium for two FREE community rides on Sunday 11/3 at 4pm and Friday 11/8 at 5:30pm. Going forward these will be two NEW classes added to our regular schedule led by Brooke. Sign up online or via the Cycle Town app.