Madeline grew up on the south shore but traveled extensively, settling back in MA two and a half years ago. She and her husband of four years and their new puppy are both hikers and bikers, and when Madeline isn’t working as a Sales Operation Manager for a power tool company she is seeking out fitness. Being in a sales environment predominately occupied by men requires a certain personality. Madeline has found an alter ego when she straps the mic on that redefines “power tool.”

Becoming an indoor cycling instructor was a dream job and one Madeline pursued with diligence, hard work, a lot of sweat and unwavering focus. She finds joy in music, in movement, and in sharing sweaty inspiration with like-minded folk. When she isn’t in a dark room dropping big beats you can find her pursuing a goal of hiking to the peaks of all 48 mountains known as the “4,000” footers in NH.