Meaghan’s first class teaching at Cycle Town was live streaming, a theme ride, and team teach.  It included a skit (yes, we’re actors too ;-).  It was 95 degrees out.  In an empty room with no bikes.  The experience couldn’t have been more outside our norm yet she had a BLAST and made one thing immediately clear: the world is going to fall in love with her up beat personality, humor, and intense challenges.  Oh and that laugh….

Meaghan is a Marshfield native and a self-defined cardio guru.  The blue room at Cycle Town quickly became her second home. Then she took it to the next level and joined our team.  Under Toni’s nurturing wing, she trained hard for our Marshfield opening.  Her strong presence on the bike is like no other and you just want to move and crush challenges with her.  From speedy sprints to epic beat drops, Meaghan lives for those 50 minutes to put the world aside and have fun. She’s pumped to give you all the feels, Cycle Town Army.

When she’s not on the bike, Meaghan is also a marathoner on the Martin Richards team and she works in marketing at Oofos.