We see you as such active people.  We see how you want to move your body and feel good. We see how much you give to others.  Not just in class…also in life. 

Our May challenge is on!  But we had to pivot, and we love what it’s become.  Cycle de Mayo, our favorite challenge of the year, is now MOVEMENT DE MAYO.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to combine your active lifestyle and local philanthropic giving.  Here’s how it works. 

First, we’ve selected two organizations that have great need.  Now more than ever, our local communities truly need support.  We picked organizations within the towns that we’re blessed to have our studios in. 

Next, you donate based on the movement you do.  How many days will you be active in May?  Pledge your rate, then get out there and move your body.  The more you move, the more you give.

Local Charities
Hingham Food Pantry
Marshfield Boys and Girls Club

What Counts As Movement?
30 minutes of ANY kind of movement.
Eg, Spin, biking, walking, running, strength, yoga, stretch, etc.
Movement doesn’t always need to be high intensity. Just M O V E !

Pick Your # Of Movement Days in May
10, 12, 25, the whole 31?!
You pick your challenge level. Sign up.

Pledge Options
$1 per day of movement
$5 per day of movement
$10 per day of movement
$20 per day of movement
$? per day of movement (whatever works for you)
Anything amount is great! This is your private, philanthropic commitment. Tell your dog or write it down under your mattress for accountability.

Lastly, accountability + fun.  Watching you put up your stickers has always been our favorite part of the Cycle de Mayo.  The pride on your face; your decision to sticker up before or after you ride.  So we created a “next best” to an in-person sticker chart…  A virtual chart😊. 

Here’s the virtual sticker chart.  You can access the chart whenever you want.  Anyone can.  Tell your family, friends, neighbors to join.  Do it together.

So if you pledge $5/day of movement and you exercise for 20 days in May, you will donate $60 total. In summary:

  1. You sign up.  Name, initials, avatar, whatever.
  2. Pick your goal: # of days you will MOVE in May. 
  3. Pledge a rate (your donation per day of movement that you do).  Whatever rate you want to give.
  4. Move your body. Do it a lot.
  5. Virtual sticker up. Best part!
  6. Accolades from your Cycle Town team.
  7. We’ll keep in touch with you throughout.
  8. At the end, we send you links to the charities and you donate. The amount is based on how much you pledged and how many days you moved.

Movement, accountability, philanthropy… all the things that light you up and make you the best “Corona version of you”.

Be generous to yourself.  Be generous to others.  Movement de Mayo 2020.