If you have ridden at Cycle Town even one time, chances are you’ve sweated alongside our most diligent rider. Dan Fandel, hands down, holds the record for most rides ever. He is disciplined, driven and focused, all with a huge smile on his face (which we adore!), and is the biggest team supporter and the first to welcome new instructors and new spin enthusiasts.

From hefting 12lb weights to taking three classes in a single day, Dan has redefined “motivation.” It is with a heavy heart that we will be saying good bye to him next week as he moves to Atlanta. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests.

Currently semi retired and relocating to Georgia in time for Christmas.  I’ve always loved a physical challenge.  Played High School hockey and enjoyed long distance cycling.  I’ve hiked all 48 of the Whites 4,000 footers, some of them multiple times through all the seasons.  I hope to get more involved in photography and learn to play the piano.

We know you’re an outside rider. Does your work in our Blue Room translate to your biking outdoors?

Absolutely!  The seated and standing runs are great training for those uphill sprint scenarios…the 70/90 interval work for the long and steep hills.  The jumps, figure eights, lunges and upper body weight training all help build the strength, stamina and coordination for those long road and tough trail rides.

You are, hands down, our #1 most consistent rider. What motivates you to put yourself in the saddle every single day?

You’d have to ask my therapist.  No…but, seriously?  Discipline.  I want to be a better rider, ergo, I ride.  I listen to my body and rest when needed.  

What do you love about Cycle Town?

The continuity of instructors and the awesome energy in the room.  No matter what day or time I ride, I am motivated to give it my best effort and leave nothing in the tank!  

What’s your favorite move on the bike?

When I’m pushing my limits on a standing run.