When your health is taken away from you, the determination to live is fierce.  We see that on the bike with Jane.   The best part, we also see lots of joy.  Joy in conquering challenges and letting go while moving to music.  We are sooo glad her craving for health and wellness landed her on our bike.  Meet Jane McGovern and learn about her Pink Ribbon Pilates and Wellness workshop this Sunday 10/14 for those battling cancer and those now cancer free!


Tell us about yourself, your fam, and your interests.

My husband Gary and I have been married for almost 32 years and have lived in Scituate for 23 years (though you’ll never take the Jersey girl out of me!  Yes I have met Bruce Springsteen). We have three adult children, each completely different and wonderful in their own way. We are beyond thrilled to be grandparents to Julia Grace, who is now 8 months old. I babysit her on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it is the highlight of my week! I am a Certified Pilates Teacher and teach private and duet apparatus lessons in my home studio.


What first brought you to Cycle Town? What has your fitness journey been like?

I have never been an athlete, but I have always been active, playing tennis, running, etc. I first came to Cycle Town two years ago because I loved spinning and I love good, loud music and I had heard that Cycle Town had both. I wasn’t disappointed! I immediately loved the energy and good vibes in the room.

Spinning at CT helped me to train for the Pan-Mass Challenge in 2017. As a cancer survivor, it was one of the most fun and meaningful weekends of my life. I literally had tears streaming down my face as I attacked the hills in Wellfleet, thinking about how only a few years earlier I could barely walk after my reconstructive surgery, and here I was flying up these challenging hills to help other people like me. I am riding again in 2019 to celebrate being 10 years cancer free.


What motivates you?

Being a cancer survivor, I am motivated to stay strong and healthy for my family. I had 6 surgeries in almost 2 years, and I always had to work hard to fight my way back to fitness. I also want to be a good role model for my daughter, who unfortunately inherited the BRCA 2 gene from me. I want her to see that she can get through the worst, even cancer, with some knowledge, courage and a sense of humor.


You’re a breast cancer survivor. Congrats, we are so happy to see you healthy and strong! You’re now helping others with wellness and healing. Please share how your journey led you to your mat and your upcoming workshop this Sunday the 14th.

I dabbled in Pilates over the years, but never considered becoming a teacher. After I was diagnosed at age 46 in 2009 with Stage IIIa breast cancer, my fitness declined rapidly. I found that Pilates was the best way to keep me strong without injury.

Once you become a cancer survivor other people reach out to you, and you get drawn into the survivor community. I try to give back by offering 3 free Pilates apparatus lessons to survivors. This Sunday, Oct. 14 I have organized my second free, two-hour workshop designed specifically for breast cancer survivors to help them adjust to their body’s “new normal.” If that is for you, PLESE COME! We will focus on how to get and stay strong after treatment.


What do you like about riding at Cycle Town?

Like? Love! I love the positive, fun vibe. I love the instructors, all wonderful in their own, unique way. I love that you are encouraged to ride as part of a team, but given permission to do your own thing at the same time. I love the theme rides… especially the Hamilton theme ride! But most importantly, as a Pilates teacher, I love that every instructor focuses intently on form, and how to protect the spine during an intense spin class. It is so important!


Favorite move on the bike?

I love combining single backs with crunches, especially during a fun song. It feels like dancing on the bike!