One day last winter we received a wonderful email.  Stephanie generously reached out to share that she had just been in the “best class ever!”  It happened to be an evening class where Melissa led a fab ride and three of our other instructors were joy-riding and whooping it up.  Stephanie described that night as an extra positive atmosphere with more motivation than ever. Changing your day and infusing joy is what we’re striving for and we’re grateful that’s what Stephanie comes to do!

Tell us about yourself and your interests.  

I was born and raised in Weymouth and have lived there my whole life. Last spring, I graduated from MCPHS in Boston with a degree in Biomedical Informatics. I work for a company that is a specialty pharmacy integrator and I really enjoy it! Besides my love for spin, I love a good shopping day, reading and spending time with my family and friends.

What first brought you to Cycle Town?  What has your fitness journey been like?

My first spin class was a Friday morning rooster ride in April of 2016. My friend Caroline convinced me to go with her because she had recently started going to Cycle Town. I sat in the back row, very nervous, left exhausted, but obviously came back for more! I’ve never been an “athlete” – my education was always important to me so I never really played sports. I was very into yoga during my early college years but since I’ve started spinning, I’ve really never looked back.

What inspires you?  On the bike and in life.

On the bike, the instructors really inspire me. They all have a way with their choice of words that make me want to try harder every class in order to walk out of the door feeling accomplished. This year, life in general has really motivated me to stay fit and to just be overall healthier. Cycle Town has been a huge part in the results that I’ve seen.

You’ve describe our rides as being both a mental and physical release, and a tool for getting through tough times.  Will you please share a bit about what our studio has done for you?

Post-grad life has given me the opportunity to continue working for the company that I interned with. Since graduating, I’ve had position changes within the company that have led me to a position that I finally feel fits me well. During this process, I’ve faced stress but I’m so I’m thankful to have Cycle Town, especially since the beginning of this year. This past spring was a rough time and Cycle Town came to the rescue as my form of release on many, many occasions. Often times, I wake up looking forward to class all day long. It truly is the best hour of my day. 

Favorite move on the bike?

My favorite move on the bike has definitely changed over the past few years, but right now I’d have to pick taps and squats. The burn makes them worth it!