Tracy is very good at being consistent and having balance in her life.  That’s an inspiration to us all!  As we write this, she’s at a beach house reunion with her high school friends.  She’s most likely laughing with a big smile on her face.  We’re also picturing a cocktail, but who knows?  Next week Tracy will resume her regular routine on the bike.  Her happy vibes will spread through the studio!  We’ll give her a couple of extra sprints and all will be good again with her fitness and happiness rituals 😉


Tell us about yourself, your family, and your interests.

 I am married 28 years to Fred and we have 3 children– 1 in college and 2 new college graduates!  My family and spending time with them is a huge part of my life and what makes me happiest!  At this stage of my life, seeing my adult children spend time together having fun as a family is one of my greatest joys!! I love to casually entertain and spend time near the beach.  Favorite activities include kayaking, paddle boarding, enjoying golf, outdoor Summer music concerts, and a fun cocktail with good friends!


What has your fitness journey been like?

I think I have evolved thru the ages with different phases of fitness:  back in the eighties I liked aerobics…haha yes I know!…dating myself!  Thru the years I’ve dabbled in sprint triathlons, yoga, pilates and organized group cross training and ‘MOM boot camps!”…you name it, I’ve tried it!  But now and for the last several years its been consistently spinning at Cycle Town!


You are approaching 300 total rides, congrats!!  What tips do you have for being so consistent with your fitness?

Get in your groove and focus on pushing yourself and setting new goals to continue to challenge yourself and your body.  Find a reason to motivate yourself to keep answering the bell and show up for class!


What do you love about Cycle Town? 

The challenging instructors! 🙂 – They make it exciting and motivating!!  Their energy is contagious and their daily reflective messages are inspiring too!


What motivates you on and off the bike?

On the bike I’m motivated by great music.  Remixes of good songs get me moving.  Off the bike I’m motivated to be healthy and fit… and really to fit into my favorite jeans!! 🙂


Favorite move on the bike? 

Okay so I like lots of the “Cycle Town signature moves!”  however I do love a good “taps” on the bike, “figure eights”, “around the world” and giving that red knob just a little more love to the right!!!