This Mother’s Day Cycle Town has decided to support empowerHER, a local organization dedicated to mentoring young girls who have lost their mother.

Here’s what empowerHER believes: No girl should have to face life as a child or adolescent without support.  By providing a community of sisterhood, empowerHer can inspire feelings of hope and confidence that will remain present throughout each girl’s life.

Woah!  Immediate flood of emotion.

empowerHER has beautifully designed three postcards, complete with heartfelt messages, which Cycle Town will be selling at our desk through Mother’s Day.  They are $2 each, include postage, and all proceeds go to empowerHER.

Send them to your Mother, grandmother, sisters or friends!  Postcards are a lost art.  This is a great opportunity send a nice note to someone you care about!

empowerHER is in Scituate, and we learned about it from one of our riders, Kelly Fleming.  Thank you Kelly!  You can learn more about empowerHER here.