Casey Nuttall made us cool.  Meet Cycle Town’s branding and digital creative consultant who helped develop Cycle Town’s identity.  I’m always in awe of creative marketing types and how he can translate a concept into a full brand identity.  Casey nailed it.  We absolutely love our logo, marketing collateral, website, and other brand imagery you will soon see on apparel etc, all thanks to him.  #CoolTankTops.  #Gears.
Before we had a lease, before I knew what bikes we would get, I knew I wanted Casey to do the branding.  Long ago Casey and I worked together at Digitas, a large marketing agency.  We reconnected in Hingham a few years ago and have dabbled in a couple of digital marketing projects together.  His work is sleek, modern, personal, and while it packs a punch, it also touches an emotion– can you say Maui Jim and Suffolk Construction?  Casey has his own creative consulting company based here in Hingham offering a full suite of digital and print creative services.  Take a look at his work.
To prepare him for the job, I took Casey to a spin class with a hot instructor.  #GetHisAttention.  I ingrained in him that the branding must appeal to women AND men.  #spinningISformen.  I said please don’t use red, I just don’t like red.  Our logo meetings were so funny.  He would have these big reveals and you could practically hear a drum roll in the background.
It’s pretty cool that Casey can take a walk into the Square and see the Cycle Town sign and logo that he designed.  It takes a village.  I am so grateful for Casey and the face he gave to Cycle Town to match our amazing ride.
casey pic