Darleen is by far the most optimistic person I have met with a can-do attitude like no other.  Best of all, no matter what the task, Darleen Gets.The.Job.Done.  She is no nonsense and she Makes.It.Happen.  It is no wonder she is such a successful realtor in Hingham.  So when I finally confided in Darleen about my studio vision she just said “Oh yes that will work.  I will find a space.”  Within TWENTY FOUR HOURS (24!) Darleen had found the space that is now Cycle Town.  Enough said.

Actually that’s not enough.  I need to gush a little more.  Darleen is a true partner.  She listens, contributes, and pushes your thinking.  We talk strategy, opportunities, and marketing.  We have fun analyzing successful businesses.  We laugh and drink wine.  I have turned her into an addicted spinner.  Darleen is my across the street neighbor and I am so grateful.  Cycle Town would not be the reality it is today without her.  It takes a village.  Check out my outstanding realtor, Darleen Lannon.

I am dedicating Cycle Town’s first hash tag to Darleen.  #MakeItHappenCycleTown.

Darleen Lannon