What foods do we fuel up on before and after our rides?  Our instructors share their favs…
Amanda – Before class I usually have a banana with peanut butter. After class I usually have a coffee in my hand within 5 minutes! I follow that up with a Greek yogurt & fresh fruit mix. I also drink coconut water after class to prevent dehydration.
Anne – With a baby on the way I’m a bit weird these days, but usually before class I have a banana or a bowl of Kashi cereal and coffee (though I haven’t been able to stomach coffee in the last month and a half!) After is toast with peanut butter and <before I was pregnant> a green juice…and lots of water before, during and after!
Erin – Before I ride I have a cup of joe, a banana and water. After I ride my favorite is organic chicken sausage with peppers, onions and sweet potatoe sauté. I will usually add a handful of spinach to the pan as well for some “greens”. YUM! OR if all else fails, a little bacon & eggs does the trick!
Kristen – Before class I love scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast and avocado. After class, especially with those doubles, I chug chocolate milk. I was excited to learn how good it is for you as a recovery food. Then I skip around the corner to Bloomy Rind and Mary and I put together a 2/3 carb, 1/3 protein delicious concoction for lunch… awesome!
Natalie – Before class, regardless of the time of day, I fuel up with a chewy Kind bar (right now my favorite is the dark chocolate with sea salt!) and plenty of water. After a rooster class, I like to have plain Greek yogurt with granola and dried fruit, a smoothie, and a coffee. After a mid-morning or evening class, I like to have a melted cheddar and turkey wrap on a whole grain tortilla with guacamole or grilled chicken with white beans and grape tomatoes.
Toni – On days when I’m teaching just one class, I’ll have green tea and a banana. On double days I add in a protein bar. After class I guzzle coconut water, almonds, string cheese and dark chocolate. Then I switch to vodka.