Here’s how things began for Cassie at Cycle Town: She arrived sleepy for a 5:30am rooster ride. She had never ridden to the beat. Her clips were on backwards. Yet the odds of Cassie rocking out and connecting with our ride were probably 100%.

Cassie has an extensive dance background and a love of music. She loves to be challenged and work hard. She’s a people person and craves the motivation of group fitness. A match made in heaven.

That was November. Today, Cassie’s clips are turned around. She has spiffy new white spin shoes. Her ride matches her personality, outrageously fun and motivating. She whizzed through our training program, had us cheering loudly in her rehearsal, and is eager to show you her stuff. Expect to fall in love with her the way we have!

Cassie grew up in Hingham and teaches barre, Pound, and Zumba. She’s co-owner of Funky Feet children’s dance program at the Rec Center. She just earned her Masters for Teacher of Reading.

You’ll see her subbing into classes across our schedule in August, as we work to finalize our Fall schedule in September. This week, catch her Monday @ 5:30am, Wednesday @ 8:30am and thereafter.

Welcome Cassie!