Our newest badass on the bike brings wit and big beats. Cristina was born and raised in Spain and then Cape Cod.  Like all good Europeans she’s bilingual and knows how to go clubbing until 3am.  She pursued ballet from an early age all the way to a professional career in a NYC ballet company.  The obvious next step was to take out that ballet bun and whip her hair around on the bike to gangster rap.

Your rides with Cristina are destined to be filled with smiles and humor. But careful, she’s sneaky. Her first playlist had one of the most intense sprints in Cycle Town history that left us feeling accomplished to conquer the world. We’ll take more, please. Cristina lives in Hingham with her husband and two kids. Come get to know her on the bike!

Cristina hits our schedule on Friday for a free community ride at 5:15pm with regular schedule to follow.