We are thrilled to introduce Karen, our latest instructor to rock our stage. Karen is sweet, fun, and a warrior athlete. She has enjoyed and excelled at sports throughout her life, first as a gymnast, then to soccer, basketball and now road races.  Today she’s an integral part of her family’s dental practice in Marshfield.
Karen was part of our original support crew, riding Cycle Town rehearsal classes as a ‘favor’ to Toni before we even opened. We laugh now, because her exact words were “I don’t spin, I’m only doing this because I love and support you”. It didn’t take long for that hesitation to turn into joyful determination on the bike, and ultimately a master of our ride. Now she keeps saying, “I can’t believe I’m a part of this, it’s amazing!” A familiar face around the studio, Karen easily gets the award of most frequent rider. Her relentless energy amazes us and will motivate you too. Karen has been training hard and is excited to strut her stuff and meet even more of you riders!
Come meet and greet Karen this Sunday, 12/6 @ 4PM with a FREE community ride, signup online. She will teach on Tuesdays @5:30AM and weekends as we expand our schedule over the next couple of weeks.