“You can do hard things.”  It’s one of our favorite Lauren sayings that nicely encapsulates the essence of her fitness style.  Lauren is a chill bohemian until it’s GO TIME.  Then she combines kick ass challenges with motivational mantras that give you exactly what you need for self-love, body strength, and the power to do hard things and feel great.  Lauren started teaching on our team in February.  If you haven’t yet been to one of her rides because of a pesky virus, meet Lauren!!

A south shore native, Lauren has been an athlete all her life.  From soccer to track to rugby, you could throw anything sporty at her and she excelled. The bike is no different.

Her career path includes finance and teaching high school math.  Then she followed her passion for fitness and hasn’t looked back.  Four years ago she started teaching yoga and recently wanted to explore teaching something new.  Her extraordinary ability to lead and inspire combined with her passion for cardio challenges and moving to the beat of the music are perfect for the bike. 

Lauren’s authentic and fun style are ever present.  She believes it’s not just about being physical on the bike.  There’s huge mental and emotional power that also comes with each pedal stroke, evolving your whole wellbeing.      

Lauren is also the mastermind behind our Interval Yoga on-demand floor classes.  We’re even exploring taking these classes outside, stay tuned!  If you can’t be on the bike, there’s nothing better than moving to the beat of the music on the floor while rocking cardio challenges and stretching with yoga flows. 

Catch Lauren at our Marshfield studio for the moment.  Mondays at 8:30am, Tuesdays at 6:30pm and Fridays at 7:00am. 

Thank you to fig.a in Hingham Square for the gorgeous outfits!