Big News, Cycle Town! We are SO excited to introduce our newest instructor, Natalie. She has been riding hard and rocking out with us from the beginning and now she’s Rhythm Ride® trained and ready to strut her stuff. Natalie is amazing—this petit ball of energy packs a punch and is a super fun, upbeat, and natural motivator—you will LOVE her as much as we do! She’s an English teacher at Hingham High and we knew that if she can handle those crazy kids she would be perfect to lead a Cycle Town pack.
After her first rehearsal Natalie’s husband Bobby, former Boston Bruins hockey player and current Pan Mass Challenge rider, posts on Facebook “Insanely good workout. I am not ashamed to say I am in the second best shape in our house.”  Ha!  Indeed Natalie has been crushing her rehearsals and will debut next Sunday, 6/14 with a FREE community meet and greet ride at 4PM. Signup online and come rock out and ride with Natalie.
Teaching schedule is still in the works but expect to see her at a new early morning Wednesday rooster ride (Fridays coming soon too) and mid-mornings in the summer when she’s off school. Come rock out and ride with Natalie!