Ohhhhhhhhhhh riders, you are doing such an amazing job on the bike. You ride to the beat like rock stars and go all in when we throw challenges at you. It’s so inspiring. Because of you, our ride has evolved much quicker than we ever expected, with a lot more to come. Now we’re going to have a conversation about gear.
Gear is a glorious thing and it’s time for you to begin your love affair with it. What? A red knob? Yes! You need to embrace that knob like you do a guilty pleasure. We have been adding a lot more gear to our rides.  Here are 4 reasons why.  Get on board with them and commit to paying close attention to your gear to take your ride and fitness to the next level. You will be glad you did.
• Gear supports you so you can catch that beat. As you know, nothing is better than riding to the beat.
• Gear requires that you exert more energy to stay on beat thus making your workout exponentially more effective and sweaty. (Don’t forget we take pride in sweat.)
• Gear challenges you to dig deep physically and mentally. To stay on beat with heavier pedal strokes, it takes a lot of focus. 50 minutes focused on you… heaven.
• Gear slows you down and enables you to tighten your core and really work your muscles through exaggerated pedal strokes and the Rhythm Ride movements for a full body workout.
Gear is an essential component of interval training or, as we like to call it, cardio fun on a bike. We always guide you with where your gear should be during each song via a perceived exertion scale. Follow our lead and begin that love affair with gear today.  It will make you feel great.