Thirteen months ago we opened our studio committed to beat riding goodness. Our Rhythm Ride is the foundation for delivering you exceptional cardio and core strength and a rock star experience. Now we are ready to expand into upper body strength with a class called Rhythm Ripped. This new class once again comes proven out of Laguna Beach and combines the cardio you know and love from a traditional Rhythm Ride class with an upper body workout using hand weights. We focus on biceps, triceps and deltoids. It’s all on the bike. It’s all still to the beat. It will challenge you. We go for the BURN.

Rhythm Ripped classes will begin February 8th with 3 classes on the schedule.  Bring on the strong!

Mondays @ 9:40AM with Toni starting Feb. 8
Wednesdays @ 6:45PM with Amanda starting Feb. 10
Thursdays @ 9:40AM with Erin starting Feb. 11