Attitude is everything!  One trait we immediately noticed about Amy is her positive attitude.  She’s perpetually upbeat and demonstrates the power of a smile.   Amy is a ‘make it happen’ kind of girl — we see it on the bike and in her life.   We love having her ride with us, meet Amy Burns!

Tell us about yourself, including your family, career and interests.

I grew up in a small town in Central CT and went to Gettysburg College. After college I was a 7th grade English teacher for four years.  I moved to Boston in 1999 when I took a job with Merck and have been there for 16 years.  Currently, I am an account leader working with senior leadership from five health systems in Boston on strategies to improve population health.

I am married to my husband Bill Burns and live in Bradley Woods with our two boys, Billy (11) and Ryan (8) and the newest Burns, an 8 pound Morkie named Howie.  We are so fortunate to have made such great friends in Hingham and are also very close to our families, so we spend as much time with them as possible.  We spend a lot of time in hockey rinks with our boys.  I also enjoy boating, fishing, photography, skiing and shopping.

Everyone has a fitness journey, tell us yours.

Growing up I played many sports including soccer, basketball, and tennis. After college I started running and was able to achieve a bucket list item… a Boston marathon.  Over the years, I have gone to a variety of gyms and worked out with a trainer, but I took some time off for a while because the routine got old and I needed motivation.  Then I found Cycle Town.

What motivates you?

I feel so good mentally and physically after classes. It gives me an hour just for me and I get a great workout, organize my thoughts, and have fun.  A bunch of friends both old and new go to Cycle Town and it’s so much fun to coordinate and go together.  I am also motivated by my family, staying healthy and being a good role model for my boys on the importance of exercise in their lives.

What about Cycle Town hooked you?  What has kept you going?

I went with a friend to Cycle Town about a year ago. I can say I tried spinning once many years ago but didn’t love it. I was very skeptical on how I would like Cycle Town. Half way through one class I knew I was hooked.  The music is so much fun and the instructors are so motivating. It is such a great workout and I have seen such a change in myself. It keeps my stress levels down and I always have fun. Really… who looks forward to working out! I get psyched to go.

Favorite move on the bike?

I would say my favorite move on the bike are the runs, once I figured out how to do it ( thank you Erin Waldner for coaching me.).  It’s such a challenge to get those legs moving and keep your form and it is always great music to keep you going.

Cycle Town Response:  Yessssssss!  This news makes us so happy, you go girl!

How do you fuel up pre and post-ride?

I am not typically a huge water fan, but I find myself staying really hydrated before and after.  I always eat before class. Depending what time I go, it’s either a snack or some kind of protein.  A big coffee always helps too!

Balance is something many people strive for– career, family and fitness.   Given your busy schedule, tell us some of your most successful tactics for achieving balance. 

That really is the million dollar question. I have found that having a workout regimen really helps give me balance, for my family, career and friends.  Over the years I have learned I have to schedule it into my life like I do everything else.  On Sundays, I look at my week and my goal is to “beat the week”.  If I can get four days in that is ideal but I really try three as a minimum.  There are so many options now for times, it’s hard to make excuses. Life gets so busy that if I don’t schedule it into my life, it won’t happen.  That special time for me is sacred.