Riding with people like Caroline Johnson is one of the reasons we love what we do. She crushes beats like a rock star and brings excellent energy to every ride. She tells us about the positive impact we have on her life. These things make us glow and we want to share the joy. Meet Caroline!

Tell us about yourself, your interests and career!

I was born and raised in The South (Atlanta), moved here with my family about five years ago and currently live in Weymouth with my 9-year-old son. I’m a CPA / Controller by day and a mom, chef, dancer, hiker, gardener, beach lover and spinner by night (and on the weekends). Because my father was a New Englander, the Northeast does not feel that foreign to me and honestly, I’ve never felt so at home as when I crossed into Massachusetts and the Boston skyline came into view. I love Boston, I love the South Shore, I love raising my son here and although I’m far from my family, right now it’s exactly where I want to be.

Hunter or gatherer? Gatherer
Sweet or sour? Sweet
Flip flops or sneakers? Both
Spring or Fall? Fall
Game of Thrones or Glee? Neither
Bowling or Roller skating? Duh…roller skating


What has been your fitness journey?

I can’t remember when my journey for healthy living began, but I do remember being extremely active and playful as a child; feeling more comfortable outside than in, preferring movement to sitting still and loving the way vegetables tasted. I was lucky enough to have an older brother who taught me how throw a perfect spiral and spent hours running me back and forth on the tennis court and a mom who insisted I enroll in every dance class in town. I continued to stay active in college with running which I replaced with yoga, biking and hiking in more recent adult years. Now, being the single-mom of an athletic 9-year-old, I don’t have the option of “letting myself go” physically. He keeps me going and there’s no better feeling than being able to shoot hoops with him on the court, race him up a hill on our bikes or spend hours tossing the football in the front yard. Having a healthy body is not a given. There are so many people that struggle every day to just get out of bed. I never ever take my health for granted and I’m so grateful to have a body that works with me and not against me.


What has been the most extreme sport you’ve ever tried?

At an early age, I became terrified of the ocean. I’m sure my fear coincided with my first (and last) viewing of the movie JAWS. So after going through a difficult time in my marriage I made a conscious decision to face my biggest fear because at that point, what did I have to lose? So I booked a trip with my surfing cousin, renewed my passport and headed to Costa Rica. It was terrifying and amazing, I felt beat down and built up and the same time and although I didn’t come out of the trip in love with surfing, I did learn that when my mind creates an obstacle, my body can help convince the mind to get through it. I’ve experienced this so many times during spinning too except in the opposite direction. When my body feels like it cannot simply handle another 30 seconds of 90% incline, the mind tells the body “yes you can” and when MY mind starts to waiver, the instructor’s voice and music chimes in and says “you’re almost there, YOU GOT THIS”.


What motivates you?

It varies. Some days it’s my son, some days it’s a great song, some days it’s the sun coming through the window and hearing the birds outside. Everyday it’s different, but the ultimate motivator for me is an internal drive to be mentally, emotionally and physically able to experience everything that life has to offer. I hate saying “no” to the universe when it presents me with something that I really really want to experience so I get up, put on my shoes and hit the 5:30 AM class.


What about Cycle Town hooked you? How has it made a difference in your life?

Where do I start? I walked through the doors at 5:10 AM on a weekday and felt welcomed, loved and inspired ever since. I love that everyone in the class is where they want to be. There is never ever any shame and I feel uplifted and encouraged by the entire room. The instructors are so creative and seem to know just exactly the work-out I need (I’m sure we all feel that way), They know just what to play and say at the very moment that I need it. I’ve had days when I feel like crying and screaming at whatever is going on in my life and somehow, something changes during the class and I walk out having a hard time remembering why I was so upset. I’ve been to other spin classes and other fitness centers and there is something uniquely special about Cycle Town and the Cycle Town community. It is trans-formative and inspirational and I feel so very blessed to have it in my life.


Favorite move on the bike?
Any move that incorporates music from Rihanna, Beyonce or Justin Timberlake.


Why do you like your new spin shoes?
As anyone on the left or right of me will attest to, I tend to be a bit hyperactive (borderline spastic) on the bike. The spin shoes not only make my feet look smaller, but they bring my energy under control. Also, I think my sprints and runs are way faster now.


Work hard, play hard… What’s your guilty pleasure?
Taco chips, guacamole and margarita(s).