A few weeks ago Connie walked up to Amanda after her class and said, “Since I started coming here, I have watched you blossom into the most amazing instructor.” BAM! It is that kind of support and recognition that inspires us and makes us even better. She’s right. Amanda is amazing and shines bright. It is people like Connie with her infectious enthusiasm and positivity that strengthen the core of what Cycle Town is about. She creates great rides for herself and everyone else around her.  Get to know this special rider. 
Tell us about yourself (including that beautiful southern accent!) and what you’re up to when you’re not in the saddle. How are you involved in the community?
I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and my husband and I have lived in Hingham for 19 years. We have four children, ranging from 9 to 20 years old. Throughout the many years here, I have always been involved in the various schools, on committees and boards. I have been on the HHS PTO for the last 3 years and I also do volunteer work for Project Hope which is a local organization helping to move families beyond homelessness and poverty.
You enjoy fitness, tell us about your journey?
I played sports as a child and have always loved exercising. In college, I became a certified instructor of high-impact aerobics (remember that?) and taught at a local gym in Chapel Hill. I’ve also loved running. Several years ago, I began to train with weights to compliment my running. In the past 18 months, I have been become an avid Bar Method client and have found now that Cycle Town and Bar Method are a wonderful combination for me. I get the stretching and small muscle work along with the cardio and full-body workout that cycling provides. I still love to get outside and run, but I much prefer my current regimen.
What brought you to Cycle Town and what has your experience been?
I started at Cycle Town to replace the cardio portion of my workouts that was missing as I had cut back on my running. Soon after Cycle Town opened, friends had been asking me if I had tried it yet. I had taken many spinning classes and didn’t love them, so I did not rush to sign-up. However, once I tried Cycle Town, I was hooked! It is such a great workout…challenging and fun. The instructors are amazing, and I have enjoyed all the classes I have taken.
What inspires you to get on the bike and ride? What inspires you in general?
I love the feeling I have after I have finished my workout! I love the 5:30am class and found it a wonderful way to begin my day! Like anything, there are 5:30am “regulars”, and it has been so fun to get to know new people through Cycle Town. I am also inspired by my Mom who is so active at 77 years of age. I want to be able to enjoy lots of things with my children as I get older and be a good role model. Exercise keeps my mind clear and my body fit so it’s an important part of my every day.
What music do you like to listen to? What song do you want to hear on our playlists?
I listen to all kinds of music, and I especially love country music. However, country music is not the best music to ride to. All the instructors have great playlists which make the rides fast and fun. It is great to have an old “throwback” song played every once in awhile. I remember Amanda had “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry on her playlist once…used to love that song!!! Am I dating myself?
What do you find most challenging in class? Most fun?
During class, the most challenging thing for me is keeping the fast pace while running. I plan to get cycling shoes soon as I have been told that they help keep you feeling stable while wanting to increase your speed. Most fun would be ALL of it! I truly love everything about the workout and look forward to my cycling days!!!
What was your journey to front row rockstar and how do you like it?
When I first started at Cycle Town, I always looked for a bike where I could “hide” on the 3rd row. After a few classes, I began to get more comfortable and looked for an open bike on the 2nd row. One early morning, the class was totally full and I only had the option of a bike in the 1st row. I loved it!!! My workout became more challenging and I felt a larger part of the class. Now, I go to the front row most days. I still, however, have not chosen a bike by the instructor. I am not yet that confident in my riding ability. What I do know is that when you are at Cycle Town, it is truly “your ride”. People do not seem to be watching each other. Rather, it is about working to your highest potential in your own space. Having others around you just adds to the fun and comradery of exercise.