Elyse is willing to work hard to achieve her goals.  She’s a great role model in that she prioritizes the fun factor in fitness.  She rides with her friends (that’s you, Sherry!), she’s music-centric and she likes to move her body.  And she’s consistent.  That’s a recipe for feeling good and we love her for it!  Meet Elyse!


Tell us about yourself, Don and the boys, and your interests.

I am originally from New Jersey and we moved to Hingham 16 years ago when my husband, Don took a job with a new company in Boston. I taught elementary school for 10 years in New York and New Jersey. When we made our move, my main focus was to raise our sons Jack and Aidan and to embrace our new lifestyle in New England. We love Hingham and it has been such a great town to raise a family. Jack is now a freshman at Providence College and Aidan is a senior at Hingham High School and now going through the college application process.

Some of my interests are exercising, cooking, gardening, traveling , skiing , reading. Mostly I enjoy being with family and friends.

Dog or cat? Dog
Passenger or driver? Driver
BBQ or oven? Oven
Sweater or hoodie? Hoodie
Africa or Asia? Asia

Everyone has a fitness journey, tell us about yours (culminating in new spin shoes!)

I always think of exercise as my gift to myself; I feel more energetic and more productive and healthier when I have achieved my exercise goals.   I like to mix it up between cycling, barre, running, walking, and yoga. Two years ago during a very harsh winter when there was so much snow you could hardly leave the house by foot, Cycle Town opened its doors. It was perfect timing and a great way to keep fit during a very long winter. My husband took classes with me on Sundays, which was great because we don’t get too many opportunities to exercise together.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by energetic fun instructors and great music. I love how a workout makes me feel mentally and physically strong. Leading a healthy lifestyle of exercise and eating healthy is important to me and my family. I can’t imagine a day without activity or a well balanced diet with a few splurges here or there.

What do you like about Cycle Town?

I love Cycle Town because it’s an amazing cardio calorie burning class. It’s really fun and different from a typical spin class. The instructors are all highly motivating and push you to be your best. We are constantly moving on the bike which burns more calories and the music chosen is perfect to keep in sync with the beat. It is really fun and working out should be fun. I usually take Erin’s class and she is always so upbeat and mixes things up to keep it lively.

Favorite move on the bike?

My favorite moves on the bike are the lunges, squats and sprints. They are challenging moves which make me push myself and I am motivated by the class energy.

I finally just bought spin shoes and it really makes a difference with endurance. I feel more balanced and pedal more efficiently. I can’t believe it took me so long!

Work hard, play hard… What’s your guilty pleasure?

I love the saying, work hard play hard…..but everything in moderation.

My guilty pleasure is wine, cheese and pizza. Everyone needs to splurge every now and then!