We have a soft spot for father-daughter pairs!  Rocky and Ariana share energy– they like to move, conquer challenges and connect with others.  We are thrilled they prioritize time on our bikes together and ride like rock stars.  Meet a duo committed to health and fitness both personally and professionally!


Tell us about the Tenaglias including the family business and your interests!

Rocky: The Tenaglia family includes me, my wife Jane, and our daughters Ariana and Nikki.  We call Hull our home and own 3 independent pharmacies in the area.  Nantasket Pharmacy in Hull where Rocky works, Hingham Centre Pharmacy where Lisa (Rocky’s sister who’s a pharmacist) works, and Scituate Pharmacy where Jane (who’s a pharmacist) works. So we keep it in the family. When we are not working we like to spend time on an island where the water is warm and the diving is alluring.

Ariana: We love spending time together as a family. We try to take a family vacation at least once a year to a tropical island where we can sit in the sun at the beach all day. Nikki and I share a passion for diving and stand up paddle boarding which we are fortunate enough to do together on our family vacations.

Everyone has a fitness journey, please tell us about yours. Ariana please include your recent achievement of yoga instructor certification!

Rocky: At age 50 it was time for a lifestyle change and with that came spin.

Ariana: I have always been into fitness in one way or another. Growing up I did dance at the Hingham Community Center, synchronized swimming at SWOJAN Swim Club in Norwell, and played sports throughout middle school and high school. When I got to college I found it more difficult to motivate myself to exercise alone so I would go to the gym with friends. When I came home from college I found that motivation through my dad and we began going to spin together.   In addition to sports and spinning, yoga has always been a part of my life. Both my mother and my grandmother are long time yoga practitioners and my mom became a yoga teacher about 5 years ago. Growing up yoga was a great way for me to bond with them. In order to deepen my practice and learn more about the practice of yoga, I just completed my RYT200 training.

What motivates you? On the bike and in life.

Rocky: I live by the motto YOLO (You Only Live Once). The zest for life and believing fitness helps achieve success in life both physically and mentally.

Ariana: I think what motivates me the most is keeping my body healthy and strong so I can do anything I want. Growing up working at the pharmacy, I saw so many people with debilitating diseases where their bodies were failing them. I am so lucky to have a strong, healthy body and I want to keep it that way.

Why do you love Cycle Town?

Rocky: The energy, focus and determination of all the instructors. Each one is motivated to help everyone enjoy their ride and to achieve optimal performance.

Ariana: Both the riders and the instructors at Cycle Town really encourage me to push myself every time I go. It is a fun, happy environment that makes me feel like I can accomplish anything once I’ve completed a class.

Favorite move on the bike?

Rocky: Not one in particular because when I am on a bike I’m in a zone and just ride and enjoy.

Ariana: I love squats!

Advice for new riders?

Rocky: Just get on and enjoy your ride.

Ariana: It’s definitely overwhelming at first, especially if you have never done anything like it, but stick with it and just enjoy yourself! You’ll be amazed at what your body can do!