Terry has our Rooster instructor team wrapped around his finger.  The power of a smile!  He’s a 5:30AM fixture and it’s been a pleasure watching him ride hard and achieve amazing results.  His quintessential phrase, “this doesn’t get easier, you get me every time.”  That’s our favorite compliment!


Tell us about yourself… you and Marisa, the kids, interests, the work you do.

My wife Marisa, also a Cycle Towner, and I have been married for 30 years and arrived in Hingham 23 years ago. We have two active boys, Conor, 15, and Carter, 12. We love Hingham and all it has to offer. Summers we spend a lot of time at the beach on the weekend and the boys take sailing lessons at Hingham Maritime Center during the week. Conor is a 9th grade novice rower at HHS. We try and get away to Sanibel Island in Florida during one of the school vacation weeks.

I was raised in North Andover, MA and went to Bates College. After college I served 5 years as a Naval Officer. Following grad school I have spent my work career in banking and finance, focusing on oil, gas and power for the last 25 years. I used to be a golf nut, but haven’t been able to indulge much for the last few years given the time commitment. Cycle Town helps keep me sane!

Everyone has a fitness journey, but recently yours is pretty stunning and ought to be called a downright physical transformation. You look wonderful. Congrats and please share the story of your success!

My wife Marisa introduced me to Cycle Town in June of 2015. It was tough at first because I was woefully out of shape for the usual excuses, stress at work and not enough hours in the day to exercise. I started out slow and after a few rides started to improve and feel better. The instructors were very encouraging. After a couple of weeks, I was hooked. I forced myself to get up and take the 5:30AM class and it turned out to be a fantastic way to start the day. Walking out of the studio at 6:20AM after a good ride, the endorphins kick in and the feeling is exhilarating! After 15 months I feel so much better. With the cycling and more of a focus on healthy eating, I’ve dropped 40 pounds and just got below 200. This is the only body I will ever have and Cycle Town is helping me keep the old man out. It is really a big part of who I am now.

You always come in with an easy smile. Is there a secret to your steady, consistent positive attitude?

No secret. A good, positive attitude is contagious and it seems to me every instructor and rider that walks in the door at Cycle Town has that attitude, so that makes it easy as we all build on each other.

What motivates you? On the bike and in life in general.

On the bike it’s trying to get better, faster, pushing through heavier gears. The instructors are very inspiring and push you in a positive way. The day is so much better after that sweat.

In life, it’s work hard and play hard (though maybe not playing as hard as I used to). Perhaps a better way to think of it is having fun in whatever I do. The Commanding Officer of my first ship told me if it isn’t fun, you aren’t doing it right, and I’ve tried to live with that attitude since. I feel lucky to have my family in such a great area to live and work.

What do you love about Cycle Town?

I love all the instructors because they are so upbeat, encouraging, motivating and inspiring. The rhythm ride makes it like a team sport where we all ride as one in the class. Everyone in the class is working hard and having fun. The stress of daily life just runs out of your body and ends up on the floor with the sweat. I especially like that the instructors often ride with us on the days they aren’t leading a class. You know they love it for more than the workout, and that is uplifting.

Favorite move on the bike?

I like the fact we are doing something different every 3 or 4 minutes. Moving around the bike with a heavy gear, lunges and figure eights, are a favorite.

Work hard, play hard… what’s your guilty pleasure?

Too many to list. However, good food, red wine, or beer on the beach, preferably with family and friends, are at the top.