Here’s what made our day last Friday: Tony Messina crushing his double time beat with fierce intention in Anne’s Hip Hop theme class!  We love the energy Tony brings to our ride and his commitment to fitness. He’s had amazing results.  Meet Tony and get to know this Hingham staple.
You’ve had a lifelong connection with Hingham! Tell us about yourself, your family and your interests.
I am a lifelong Hingham resident…..I grew up in Liberty Pole and attended Hingham schools. I married my high school sweetheart, Christine Falvey, and we just celebrated our 30th anniversary. We have two daughters; Tori (Freshman at Holy Cross) and Livi (Senior at HHS). I have worked for Stanley Black & Decker in various sales management roles for the past 26 years.
At Hingham High School, I played on the golf, baseball and hockey teams and was fortunate to earn a full scholarship to UVM to play hockey. After college, I took a sales job locally and got involved with the Harbormen hockey program as an assistant coach in my spare time………32 years later, I am still involved having been the head coach for the past 8 seasons. In addition, I coach my daughters’ club hockey teams and try to find some time on the weekends to play golf at Cohasset Golf Club.
Everyone has a fitness journey, tell us about yours.
Over the years, I have been in and out of gyms and workout routines with mixed results. As a former athlete, I am always searching for something that is challenging and a good use of time. Cycle Town fits the bill and satisfies my inner-athlete. I try to get there 3-4 times a week in either early morning or early evening when I am not traveling out of town for work. In addition, I get to the Weymouth Club a couple times a week for weight training and light cardio.
What motivates you?
As I get older, I am increasingly concerned with staying healthy. We all have busy schedules and limited free time so I try to make time to stay active each day in some way. For me, Cycle Town provides an individual challenge that allows me to get a great workout over 50 minutes…….you will be hard-pressed to find a better workout that burns as many calories and works your whole body.
You began riding with us in June and became a warrior very quickly.  What has your experience at Cycle Town has been like?
Ironically, I reluctantly attended a class at the end of June with my wife and oldest daughter and immediately became a fan. The instructors are excellent, have tremendous energy, and all provide their own ways of motivating the riders. At first, I found it difficult to learn the proper form and all of the movements on the bike but over time I got more comfortable (still not an expert by any means!). Today, I find the classes just as challenging as when I first started and I continue to get a great workout every time.
Any advice for new riders?
Stay patient when you first start as it will take a few sessions (maybe 3-4) before you get comfortable with the workout but over time you will improve your form and get even more out of the 50 minute ride. Listen to the instructors as you ride because they are very good at providing direction and positive feedback (I still don’t understand how they have the ability to ride and give instructions at the same time??). And, just when you think you have it all figured out a new wrinkle will be added and things will change, so be open to a new experience every time you ride.
Congratulations on successfully coaching the Hingham High Boys Hockey Team to a State Championship last season! What a terrific accomplishment for you, the other coaches and the players. Will you share bit about that experience, and what it meant for you personally?
I have been fortunate to be behind the bench for 5 State Championships and they all are equally as gratifying. This past year was a story of perseverance and resiliency as the team overcame a mediocre first-half of the season and put it all together going undefeated over the last eleven games (9-0-2) on the way to a 3-2 victory vs. Arlington Catholic in the Championship game. The ride was a lot of fun and it was great to see the players so fulfilled after all the hard work they had put in over the previous months. Additionally, to be able to share it with the Hingham Community at the Boston Garden is a memory that will stick with the players for the rest of their lives.
I am proud of the program’s track record over the years but most thankful for the many great players and people I have been able to work with for the past 32 seasons. The ultimate feedback for any coach is running into one of your former players years later and realizing you had a very positive effect on their life and the person they’ve become.