As  September kicks off and back to school approaches, you may be looking for some inspiration and motivation to tame the anxiety that comes with re-entry. We understand! We also know you want to get back to your fitness routine, so our instructors are giving tips on getting back in the saddle.  It feels good to sweat and get moving again!  Take advantage of our Fall Sale.  Buy a 10 ride package and get 2 rides free*.


Amanda – Just go for it!! One hour is only 4% of your day. We give so much of our days to other commitments–we deserve this time to let go, to find our strong and most importantly….to CRUSH BEATS!

Anne – It always feels better and gets easier after those first couple steps. Listen to your body….give yourself permission to do what feels right TODAY. And think about how great that post-workout smoothie is going to taste!

Cassie – Just have FUN – plain and simple!! Make it a fitness date with your friends or be adventurous and rock that cute/crazy top you’ve been eyeing! Who cares what you do, how much gear you add, or how fast you go, just go and rock out to the music on the saddle!

Erin – Schedule your rides as you would appointments…making exercise a priority when life gets crazy is a good way to beat the stress of back to school madness. #noexcuses

Kristen – Come as you are. Enjoy the dark and let that beat move you. Every pedal stroke is making your stronger no matter where you start. It comes back way quicker than you think it’s going to!

Natalie – September seems to be a month when we give a lot of our energy to our families, but be sure to make YOUR physical and mental health a priority by getting back in the saddle. You are worth it!

Toni – Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.


* Sale ends Sunday 9/4/16.  One per person/linked family account.  The 2 free classes will be added to your account within 24 hours of purchase.